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Freddie Aguilar Dating16-year-old Girlfriend

Legendary Folk singer Freddie Aguilar confirmed that he is dating to 16-year-old girl. For those people who saw them in 5th Star Awards Sunday October 13, 2013 at Solaire Resort and Casino, Pasay City got curious for what they’ve seen.

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In the said event, 60-year-old Aguilar was announced as Lifetime Achievement Award during that night.

When he was interviewed on the backstage of Solaire Resort, he was asked if who accompanied him and without any hesitation Aguilar answered that it was his girlfriend, and the other lady who goes with them is  the girlfriend of his son Jericho who’s pregnant.

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Aguilar told the age of his girlfriend but he hide the name for security purposes.

Asked if it’s alright with the parents of the girl, the singer said that they can’t help themselves at this point because they were so in love with each other yet the family of the 16-year-old also agree with their relationship.

Aguilar explained that when he was courting his girlfriend he doesn’t know that she’s only 16 years old.

Their relationship is open for both parties, but the couple is not yet ready to plan for their marriage but the girl ask baby with Aguilar.

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