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12:08 PM July 6, 2013

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12:22 PM July 6, 2013

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The Globe Tatt Awards 2013, finally revealed their list of winners in the recently concluded online competition. The awarding body is celebrating on it’s third year of existence giving recognition to selected individuals with various platforms that made an impact may it be a blog, a viral video, and a lot more which involves Filipinos social media activities.

This year’s edition of Globe Tatt Awards is all about the young blood, those who share Tattoo’s fiery p(–foul word(s) removed–)ion for greatness.

Globe Tatt Awards 2013

Here’s the List of Winners:

Blogger Phenom of the Year: The Professional Heckler

Trending Twitter Phenom of the Year: Kimpoy Feliciano

YouTube Phenom of the Year: I Love  Jamich

Instagram Phenom of the Year: Patrick Dee

Best Social Media Movement: Gawad Kalinga

Best Comedy on YouTube: Lloyd Cadena

Best Music on YouTube: Abra

Best Style Blog: David Guison (DG Manila)

Best Sports Blog or Microblog: Jinoe Gavan of Takbo.Ph

Best Tech Blog or Podcast: Unbox Podcast

Best Photo Blog or Microblog: When in Manila

Best Travel or Food Blog: Filipino Recipes Portal

Future Perfect (The Young Star Blog of the Year): Stache

Best Podcast: Becky Nights

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