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Gina Gil Lacuna: Pinay Jigsaw Puzzler Guinness World Record

In a recent news report from ABS-CBN, it was confirmed that Gina Gil Lacuna is now the record holder of the Guinness World Record as her collection of jigsaw puzzle were declared as the world’s largest.

The 61-year-old Lacuna told AFP that she was awarded her certificate of recognition by Guinness World Records. She has a huge collection of jigsaw puzzle which toppled the previous record holder from Brazil, who has a previous record of 238 puzzles.

According to Guinness, the Pinay jigsaw puzzler has a total collection of 1,028 different puzzles, framed wall to wall at her two-storey bead and breakfast. Her mansion guesthouse in Tagaytay was even dubbed as “Puzzle Mansion.”

The award was confirmed by Guinness adjudicator Seyda Subasi Gemici, who visited the puzzler house. All jigsaws had to be different and with all the pieces complete to count towards the total.

 Gina Gil Lacuna Guinness World Record Holder

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About the author: Ed Umbao is a former tuba-gatherer from Bantayan Island. Previously worked as an OFW in Saudi Arabia, now a full-time blogger sans technical ability.

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