Baron Geisler Arrested on Alleged Assault of Dela Rosa (Video)

Actor Raymund Geisler was arrested on Friday evening by Quezon City Police on Friday, November 9 on an alleged assault of a neighbor.

According to reports from ABS-CBN, the incident happened at around 7 PM on Friday in a house at East Fairview when Baron went inside Raymund Dela Rosa’s store who was allegedly drunk.

Raymund was watching television with his wife and three-year-old child when Geisler reportedly got some bread from the store, but instead of eating them, he threw them on the ground which triggered a confrontation.

Dela Rosa, who lives two doors away from Geisler’s house, scolded Geisler who reacted violently and smashed a manobloc chair against the store’s screen door and went on punching Dela Rosa.

The confrontation allegedly traumatized Dela Rosa’s child so Giesler was charged with malicious mischief, physical assault and child abuse.

Here’s the video report:


Baron Geisler vs. Raymund Dela Rosa

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