For the past four years Lian Paz and Paolo Contis have been living together and they were blessed with two babies, 2-year-old Xonia and 1-year-old Xalene but their relationship have ended.

Lian Paz who was more popularly known as a former EB Babes during her early days in showbiz finally broke her silence and aired her side with the recent spat with former husband Paolo Contis.

Lian and Paolo have been married though a civil wedding according to the confirmation made by Lian Paz. For the past few days of their separation both sides did not elaborate the problems that they were encountering which ended in separation.

Last October 28, during the live interview with Lian on H.O.T. TV of GMA-7, the wife of Paolo Contis finally revealed the real reasons behind their misunderstanding.

Lian stated that it was Paolo’s decision to leave her in their house together with their two kids. The former EB dancer stated that she will not be silent anymore and she will put pressure on Paolo to wake him up and talk about the problems that needs to be settle.

The former wife of Paolo Contis admitted during the interview that their family is under financial problems which was considered as one of the reasons for their separation.

All that Lian Paz wanted to let Paolo know his obligations as a father and she stated that it’s not important that they will not reconcile but the most important is his obligations with his two daughters.


Lian Paz and Paolo Contis Separated
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