Malakai Paul: Standing Ovation on Britain’s Got Talent 2012 Audition

The 9-year-old, Malakai Paul’s magnificent voice caught the audience at awe with his performance receiving a standing ovation on Britain’s Got Talent UK Version  2012 audition as Malakai during his performance of the song “Listen” by Beyonce. He was being applauded with his remarkable voice at a very young age.

When the audience saw his emotional rendition of the song wherein he got teary eyes, singing Beyonce’s song “Listen” with gesture to impress and to overcome his stage fright, the audience was captured by his emotion. Malakai was comforted by his mother after the performance and judge Alesha Dixon also comforted her on stage as he continued to received a standing ovation in Britain’s Got Talent.

The Judges says:

Alesha Dixon: Malakai it’s very, very simple, you are a star. It’s a natural raw talent that’s what we are looking for. That was amazing sweetheart.

David Walliams added: I thought that was a really special audition, I agree with Alesha, you’re a total star.

Amand Holden: “Absolutely brilliant! well done.”

 Simon Cowell :  I’ve got to tell you! what I like about you- you’re brave, you know. You got off to a bad start but you picked yourself up and people are going to like you a lot.

Malakai Paul: "Listen" by Beyonce on Britain's Got Talent 2012
Malakai Paul: "Listen" by Beyonce Britain's Got Talent 2012 Audition

Before his performance on stage Malakai Paul said that, “If I won half a million pounds I would probably give my family £200 each. I would still go to school. And as it’s my birthday coming up I’d probably have quite a good birthday.” Malakai stated.

Here’s the video:


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