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Plastic Surgery Disaster

Plastic Surgery Disaster to some famous stars.

Who wants a surgery? We had seen many beautiful faces especially in the entertainment world likeHollywood. But we didn’t know what they’ve gone through in order to have that faces. It’s true that all of us have something in our body that we want to change or to improve. But remember that every action has an equal consequence, sometimes it is for the better but sometimes it is also for the worst.


Just take a look with this article I found in radaronline. It says the disasters of having a plastic surgery. The site features the top 10 of the scariest faces that seems gone too far from their original looks after having a plastic surgery.


Top on the list was Joan Rivers. This lady was been known for having surgical procedures. She told the Daily Telegraph that she’s been through for about 723 surgical procedures. Her looks was so different from 1982. Many said it was pathological but for Joan there’s nothing to be ashamed of.


Next in the list is the Duchess of Alba. This woman was been a top story in 2011 when she at the age of 85 years old married a man who said to be 24 years her junior. How could that be? Maybe this royal has her own beauty secrets. Sources that are close to the Duchess revealed that she had undergone also in many surgical procedures to enhance her looks. Having the power and the wealth she can absolutely do it. And by just looking at her back in 1968, no doubt that she changed a lot.


Jocelyn Wildenstein was said to be addicted to plastic surgery. She married a rich man with an art business. But they divorced after she caught him cheating on her. Of course, she got millions and enough cash to disfigure herself. She wants her surgeon to transform her into something so she would be look like a cat. She’s been tagged as Cat-Woman and spent almost to $4,000,000 to that scary transformation.


Others were Melanie Griffith, Heidi Montag, Heidi Fleiss, Sly Stallone’s astrologer mom Jackie, Hollywoodicon Angelyne, David LaChapelle’s muse Amanda Lepore, Donatella Versace.

However, whatever the almighty had given you it has a purpose. So just be proud and worthy with it. Learn to appreciate things that are natural because changing it may bring you into the worst situation you would regret.

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