Three Filipino’s sentenced to death in China will be executed on March 30

People Begging for to spare the lives of Filipinos executed to Death in China
People Begging to spare the lives of Filipinos executed to Death in China

Department of Foreign Affairs has released a statement stating that the three Filipino’s who were sentenced to death row in China will be executed on March 30.

Death penalty who were sentenced to Ramon Credo, Elizabeth Batain and Sally Villanueva, were relieve last time after the favor asked by the Philippine government to China. Now, government of China has already said that their verdict is final.

The three were supposed to be put to death last February 20 and 21 after they were convicted of heroin smuggling last 2008. Seeking for mercy, Vice president Jejomar Binay went to China to ask a favor to postpone the execution.

Department of Foreign Affairs Manila said that they respect the decision laid down by China’s High Tribunal.

Philippine officials reacted on the death row sentenced to the three saying that they were just poor Filipino citizen who were duped into their crimes and should face only long prison sentences rather than a death row execution.

According to DFA, the families of the three were already informed of the china’s decision and arrangements are being made for them to go to China to visit their loved ones for the last time.

After what happened to the three, DFA has already warned Filipinos to beware and cautious when dealing with the strangers so that they will not be victimized by drug syndicate groups.

As of now records shows that there are 227 Filipinos jailed in china due to drug smuggling and the three were just among of them.

Last December, Philippine government did not attend to the Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo, honoring Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo in attempt to encourage Beijing to spare the lives of the three Filipinos who were sentenced to death.

Just this month, Philippine government has filed a complaint to China after two of their vessels ordered the Filipino oil exploration boat to leave waters near the Spratly Islands located in China Sea.

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