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Japan Nuclear Crisis: Fukushima Reactor Meltdown

Possible Meltdown of Fukushima Nuclear Reactor

Inside Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Facility

One of the reactor of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant that was rocked by explosion last Saturday was just the beginning of a looming nuclear power crisis in Japan. Speculation of meltdown of Nuclear Reactor # 1 at Fukushima was reported by different news media after the explosion of the building that housed the reactor.

The reported meltdown have not been confirmed by Japanese authorities although Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano stated that a possibility of meltdown was underway not only for Nuclear Reactor #1 but also Nuclear Reactor #3 that is also experiencing cooling system failure.

A meltdown of a nuclear reactor is a catastrophic failure of reactor core that could cause massive nuclear radiation. The radiation that will be released is inevitable and uncontrollable even by the latest technology that have been developed.

The government of Japan with the aid of different experts from countries who have helped on the rescue efforts have done their best to contain the possibility of a meltdown.

In the absence of fresh water supply from areas due to tsunami the rescuers have used salt water and pumped it to the plant to help cool the cooling system.

According Jim Walsh, an international security analysts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The pumping of seawater to the plants was a desperate move by Japanese authorities to contained the possibility of a meltdown.



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