China increase spending 12.7 percent to boost their defense

Peoples Liberation Army
Peoples Liberation Army

In relation to the closer military cooperation between the U.S., Japan and South Korea, China boost up their military defense by spending 12.7 percent this year.

This action of China has alarmed its neighboring countries and the United States. Military and political leaders said that china’s lack of transparency and cooperation is a big threat to other countries.

Li Zhaoxing spokesman of china clarified that its increase to just over 601 billion yuan ($91.5 billion) will be used in buying appropriate hardware and salary increase for the People’s Liberation Army which is the second world’s Largest standing military. It is said that members of PLA will receive their 40 percent increase in salary in six years.

This announcement of china came out before the opening of the National People’s Congress, where China laid down the country’s social economic goals for the next five years.

Former foreign minister Li said that China’s spending plans are transparent. He also added that the government is trying their best to limit military spending to balance it between the national defense and economic development.

China’s move in sending navy vessels and military aircraft closer to the Japanese territory has made a threat to other neighboring country. India also voiced out when china entered their border.

Just this week, two warplanes deployed by the Philippines military to search for oil complained in the area of South China Sea were har(–foul word(s) removed–)ed by two Chinese patrol boat.

It is believed that the military budget declared by the china which is smaller than of the United States is actually double than its official figure.

Ni Lexion said that Beijing needs to spend more on its military defense in order to counter the threats to its citizen and property overseas. Last month, 32,000 Chinese were evacuated from Libya through the military transport planes and navy missile frigate send by china’s government.

It is expected that china’s latest five year plan will be more on shifting from rapid economic growth to slower development that is of higher quality and more sustainable, with greater emphasis on services and broader distribution of wealth.





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