Jordan Rice: A Boy Hero in Australian Flood

Jordan Rice

Jordan Rice was the thirteen year old boy who emerged as the true hero in the Australian flood that caused number of deaths among Australians. In every tragedy there is always a story to tell by the people who are victims of such disasters. Most of them are stories of hopelessness, argumentation and blaming each others responsibilities. In a world where politics are sometimes more important than the victims itself and the things needed to be done are most of the time are ignored in order to keep up with the speedy recovery. We are all victims not the Australians only.

The heroic and tragic story of Jordan Rice once again have haunted more people from different walks of life. The love that he is showing to his brother by telling the rescuers to save first his brother Blake, even at the expense of his own life was such an amazing display of love towards one another. A young boy at an early age was able to discerned the important of his brother’s life even giving up his own, is a legacy that must be remembered not only by the Australian but for all people in this world.

In an interview with the Toowomba Chronicle his father John Tyson stated that Jordan Rice could not swim and afraid of water. He was quoted as saying “I can only imagine what was going inside to give up his life to save his brother although he is terrified with water”

Mrs. Donna Rice was driving their car with her two sons Jordan and Blake Rice when her engine stopped in the middle of tire-level flood waters. The mother who was so concerned with this two younger boys was calling for help but bystanders was just ignoring her calls. Warren  McEarlen the rescuers who arrived and offered help to the family by tying a rope around himself and coming after the victims. When he reached out for the young Jordan Rice the boy told him “Save my brother first”.

“Save my brother first” was the last word uttered by Jordan Rice. McEarlen could do nothing but to follow the instructions of this boy hero in Australian flood. The rescuer was quoted as saying “We just knew that there was too much water and there was just no time. The tension just took up on the rope and I just had to let it go”.

Jordan’s 10 year old brother Blake survived but his mother and his brother Jordan perished in floodwaters. The heroic act by Jordan Rice spread all over the internet even topping in twitter trends. Jordan’s selfless acts was praised around the world. His family was  flooded with thousands of tributes and supports, even describing him as the true hero and an angel in disguise.

Save my brother first” . This last word of encouragement from a 13-year-old boy should be spread all-over the world so people may know that its not the age that matters when a certain tragedy occurs its the p(–foul word(s) removed–)ion towards one another that matters most. In summary the inspiring story of Jordan Rice could be written in a four letter word, the word is LOVE.


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