Russia and China’s Communist Link Reopen

Russia and China Pipeline
Russia and China Pipeline

Russia and China have one thing in common they are both communist countries and during the cold war, the links between them have been closely monitored by western democracies. These two neighboring countries which shared the same beliefs in terms of government had developed a closed relationships. The Cold War in which democracies prevailed and the downfall of the mighty USSR leaving the Chinese Communist struggles against the west have also taken a tool in the fragile relationship of the two countries. The common ideological link between them were slowly deteriorating.

Russia the world’s largest producer of crude oil now reopens the link not for communism but for commerce, and shared their vast reserved to the world’s largest consumers of energy through the opening of a pipeline which replaced the train carriage. The pipeline measuring 1,000 km. which could supply 15 million tons of crude oil. The pipeline which cost $25 billion was one of the ambitious projects of the government of China and Russia.

Yao Wei, general manager of  Pipeline Branch of  Petro China Co. Ltd. (PBFC) stated that “the operation of the China-Russia crude oil pipeline is the start of a new phase in China-Russia energy cooperation,” . This was also confirmed by Igor Dyomin, a spokesman from Transneft, a Russian oil pipeline monopoly.

The rail lines was the primary means of transport of Russian oil to China before this project. The crude flowed from Russia’s Skovorodino into China’s  Daqing through a pipeline which was called by Russian authorities as Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline. This will definitely be felt by other crude-exporting countries. The link between the two have already been settled and both countries will surely benefit from this.

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