Quezon City Local Election Results May 2013 Poll


The most populous city in the Philippines, Quezon City is unchallenged by the opposition party, as the Liberal Party’s incumbent Mayor Herbert Bautista wanted to extend his terms.

Incumbent Mayor Bautista will face two, independent Mayoral candidates, namely, Johnny Chang and Rolando Jota.

The Quezon City voters will elect for the elective local posts in the city; the mayor, vice mayor, six District representatives, and councilors, six in each of the city’s six legislative districts.

Update: Unofficial Tally as of 12:18 PM (May 14):

Quezon City update

Quezon City Results

Here’s the results of the Quezon City Local Election:

Quezon City Mayor:

1. Herbert Bautista (LP) ————– 425,110
2. Johnny Chang (IND) —————- 42,098
3. Henry Samonte (IND)—————19,230

Vice Mayor:

1. Joy Belmonte (LP) —————–428,680
2. Rolando Jota (IND)——————30,372