Dr. Rustico Jimenez: Warned Pacquiao’s Parkinson’s Disease


The President of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines and neurologist, Dr. Rustico Jimenez was quoted as saying that Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao has shown early signs of Parkinson’s disease.

The disease is common among prominent boxers in history such as Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach and heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

According to Dr. Rustico Jimenez, Pacquiao has shown early signs of Parkinson’s disease which include stuttering and hand twitching. Although the neurologist conceded that he could be wrong in his observations since he had not personally examined the eight division world champion.

Jimenez also claimed that he noted the signs of Parkinson’s during TV interviews marked by the twitching of his hands. Some of the sports reporters in the Philippines were angered with the reports that surfaced from both ABS-CBN and PhilBoxing.com.

Dr. Rustico Jimenez Pacquiao Findings