Young Pinoy Singer Gets Standing Ovations in America’s Got Talent

Young Pinoy Singer Wows Judges, Gets Standing Ovations in America’s Got Talent An 11-year-old young Pinoy singer wows judges in America’s Got Talent and earned standing ovations from the audience. The little vocalist wowed the judges and viewers of America’s Got Talent during its All Stars 2023 competition. Peter Rosalita, a Filipino singer born in … Read more

Zack Tabudlo “Pangit ang ugali”?: “He was rude and obnoxious”

Zack Tabudlo

Indie Director Revealed Filipino Singer Zack Tabudlo “Pangit ang ugali” ZACK TABUDLO – Indie director Gayle Oblea revealed that the Filipino young singer has a bad attitude or “pangit ang ugali”. On Facebook, the Indie director Gayle Oblea revealed the real attitude for Zack Tabudlo behind his remarkable singing talent. Based on the snippet of … Read more

Lyca Gairanod “Jowa Reveal” During 18th Birthday Elicits Reactions

Lyca Gairanod Goes Viral Over “Jowa Reveal” During Her 18th Birthday Young singer Lyca Gairanod elicited reactions on social media due to her “jowa reveal” during her 18th birthday. Following her announcement at her debut party, The Voice Kids champion buzzed online. The young singer made her non-showbiz boyfriend public in the vlog of Cagayan-based … Read more