Young Pinoy Singer Gets Standing Ovations in America’s Got Talent

Young Pinoy Singer Wows Judges, Gets Standing Ovations in America’s Got Talent

An 11-year-old young Pinoy singer wows judges in America’s Got Talent and earned standing ovations from the audience.

The little vocalist wowed the judges and viewers of America’s Got Talent during its All Stars 2023 competition. Peter Rosalita, a Filipino singer born in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, was identified as the young Pinoy singer.

Pinoy Singer America's Talent

The 11-year-old vocalist previously appeared on season 16 of AGT in 2011, where he played “All By Myself” during the audition. His initial audition had over 15 million views, and Celine Dion tweeted about him.

“[My first] audition got over 15 million views and Celine Dion tweeted about me and I was like oh my god it’s Celine Dion,” he recalled

He was eliminated during the semifinals of AGT season 16 due to a hiccup in the beginning of his performance. He emphasized that he will make certain that his second chance goes off without a hitch.

“This is my second chance. I’m gonna make sure that there will be no hiccups,” he promised on the AGT stage.

Peter is now competing for the All-Stars edition of Got Talent among other finalists, champions, and fan favorites from the Got Talent franchise. Michael Bolton’s “Go the Distance” was performed by Peter.

The audience and judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell gave him a standing ovation. Klum and Cowell both praised the young singer for his outstanding performance on stage.

“Peter, you are a star in the making and you really came here to fight—and I love that about you,” Klum said.

“Your voice actually got better. I know there’s still a lot of people to come. Having said that, that might be enough to put you through to the final,” Cowell said.

Meanwhile, Peter said that he was more frightened playing on the All-Star stage than he had been throughout the previous AGT season. Fans online were also quick to praise Peter and his performance on the AGT: All Stars stage.

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