SMARTPHONE CODES: 12 Hidden Codes In Your Phone

smartphone codes

Here are the 12 hidden smartphone codes Many people may do not know but there are 12 hidden smartphone codes and each one has a unique purpose. In this modern era, almost everyone is using a smartphone. This gadget has already become a necessity for the lives of many people around the globe. Some may … Read more

iPhone 2019: Apple Analyst Reveals Predictions Of Product’s Specs

iPhone 11 specs

Apple Analyst Reveals the Specs of iPhone 2019 IPHONE 2019 – Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed the specs of the upcoming iPhone 2019. Apple Inc. designed and marketed the famous line of smartphones, the iPhone. This phone brand as innovated numerous time already. Competitors of this phone include Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and Nokia among others. … Read more

Apple Reached its 1 Billion iPhone Users


Apple Reached its 1 Billion iPhone Users Yesterday (July 28, 2017) Apple Company announced that it’s another milestone for their company to sell its billionth iPhone as it soars to its momentum in a competitive smartphone market. At the Staff meeting of the company in California headquarters Tim Cook the chief executive announced the good … Read more

Facebook Release New Messenger App, a challenge to Cell Carrier

Facebook Messenger App

Catch the latest from technology as one of the biggest social networking site, Facebook released on Tuesday afternoon another application on the iOS App Store called Facebook Messenger. The application acts as a standalone group chat client for mobile operating systems. It is free, and you can do great things right within the application. Users … Read more