Maggie Wilson Rumored Boyfriend Releases Official Statement

Maggie Wilson and Tim Connor

Tim Connor, the rumored new boyfriend of Maggie Wilson, speaks about the issues of the estranged couple. MAGGIE WILSON – Entrepreneur Tim Connor releases an official statement regarding the issues of Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji. Margaret “Maggie” Nales Wilson-Consunji and businessman Victor Consunji were once a happily married couple. But last September 2021, they announced … Read more

Maggie Wilson Shares Video Of Victor and Tim Together

Maggie Wilson

Here’s the clap back of Maggie Wilson to the accusations of Victor Consunji. MAGGIE WILSON – Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson shares a video of her estranged husband Victor Consunji and Tim Connor. Victor Consunji is the estranged wealthy businessman husband of Maggie Wilson. In a previous article,  she showed how the men of her estranged husband … Read more

Maggie Wilson “Ready To Fight”, Not Leaving A “Conjugal Property”

Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji

Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson says she’s ready to fight against her estranged husband. MAGGIE WILSON – Famous personality and host Maggie Wilson defies her husband and insists on her right to conjugal property. Former beauty queen and host Margaret “Maggie” Nales Wilson-Consunji currently faces issues. In a previous article, she shared that the people in her residence … Read more

Maggie Wilson Legal Camp Issues Statement “Persecution, Humiliation”

Maggie Wilson

Here’s the statement from the legal camp of Maggie Wilson over the “malevolent acts” of Victor Consunji. MAGGIE WILSON – Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson’s legal camp expresses warning over Victor Consunji’s “malevolent acts”. In a previous article, former beauty queen and host Margaret “Maggie” Nales Wilson-Consunji shared a video of her home where some … Read more

Maggie Wilson Speaks About Son, Reason Of Separation From Husband

Maggie Wilson

Here are the sentiments of Maggie Wilson regarding situation with son and reason behind her failed marriage. MAGGIE WILSON – Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson airs sadness after she failed to see her son on Christmas, here’s her statement. In a previous article, famous television personality Maggie Wilson and her husband for 11 years, Victor Consunji, confirmed … Read more

Maggie Wilson Intriguing Post, Tim Connor Clarifies “Affair”

Maggie Wilson

Here’s the intriguing post of Maggie Wilson about “truth”. MAGGIE WILSON – TV host and former beauty queen Maggie Wilson has this post about “truth” that intrigued many people online. In an official statement, famous former beauty queen Maggie Wilson and businessman Victor Consunji announced their split. The statement implied that the decision to separate was agreed … Read more