Actress Kylie Brakeman Reacts After Being Dragged in Kylie-Aljur Issue

American Actress Kylie Brakeman Clueless on Netizen’s Message Over Kylie-Aljur Issue KYLIE BRAKEMAN – American actress reactions the Filipino netizen’s message to her asking her about the controversial Kylie-Aljur issue. Kylie Brakeman, a US-based actress, recently shared a sample of her interaction with a Filipino netizen on Twitter. After a Filipino netizen confused her for … Read more

Kylie Padilla-Aljur Abrenica Issue: American actress Kylie Brakeman Reacts

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Netizens are still not over with the Kylie Padilla-Aljur Abrenica issue American actress Kylie Brakeman unexpectedly reacted to the Kylie Padilla–Aljur Abrenica issue as a Filipino netizen asked her about this. Netizens in the Philippines who are being tagged as “Marites” have been feasting on the latest scoops about the issues surrounding the breakup of … Read more