Kylie Padilla-Aljur Abrenica Issue: American actress Kylie Brakeman Reacts

Netizens are still not over with the Kylie Padilla-Aljur Abrenica issue

American actress Kylie Brakeman unexpectedly reacted to the Kylie PadillaAljur Abrenica issue as a Filipino netizen asked her about this.

Netizens in the Philippines who are being tagged as “Marites” have been feasting on the latest scoops about the issues surrounding the breakup of Pinoy celebrities Kylie and Aljur.

The estranged couple separated in April but the public knew about it in July when Kylie’s father Robin Padilla blurted this out in an interview saying that there was a third party on Aljur’s part and that his daughter could not stand it anymore.

Kylie confirmed in a simple statement that indeed she and her estranged husband separated. After several months of keeping his silence despite the bashing that he received, Aljur Abrenica apparently reach the point in which he decided to speak.

Through his Facebook post, he accused Kylie Padilla of being the first cheater. He added that the actress was the one who wrecked their family and that she should speak the truth.

Netizens apparently got confused if whoever tells the truth and so they began asking questions. However, as part of the Pinoy humor, netizens were sending private messages to famous personalities with the same name. That was what happened to Kylie Brakeman who received a direct message via Twitter from a Pinoy netizen asking her to tell the truth.

When the American actress accepted the message and opened the photo that was with it, apparently, she was surprised that it was the statement of Aljur Abrenica. “I really didn’t know what I was expecting,” Kylie Brakeman wrote. Pinoy netizens explained to her in the comment section what that was about.

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