Sassa Gurl After He Becomes Subject of Homily: “Peace be with you na lang”

Sassa Gurl

Sassa Gurl Expresses Reactions After He Becomes Subject of Homily The internet sensation Sassa Gurl has expressed his reaction after he becomes the subject of a homily in a church seminar. Once again, the exploding blush on of social media personality and content creator Felix Petate, also known as “Sassa Gurl,” has caught attention. But … Read more

Father Joseph Roura Chastised Online Over “Pamumulitika” in Homily

Father Joseph Roura Elicits Reactions Online for Including “Pamumulitika” in Homily Viral father Joseph Roura elicited reactions online for allegedly including “pamumulitika” in his homily showing his support to a certain candidate. Roura’s mass, which is well-known on social media, has become contentious, as it was supposed to be for Simbang Gabi, but it appears … Read more