Herlene Budol Manager’s Cryptic Post, Is It For Zeinab Harake?

herlene budol wilbert tolentino zeinab harake

The manager of Herlene Budol shared this cryptic post Talent manager Wilbert Tolentino, the one handling the career of beauty queen-actress Herlene Budol, shared this cryptic post that was speculated to be about vlogger Zeinab Harake. Wilbert is a very protective manager of Herlene. Previously, a blind item surfaced about a celebrity who is not … Read more

Herlene Budol In RTIA A Prank? Raffy Tulfo Reveals Truth

Herlene Budol and Raffy Tulfo

This is what Raffy Tulfo said about Herlene Budol and her complaint in his program. HERLENE BUDOL – Senator Raffy Tulfo makes a reaction to the complaint Herlene Budol aired in the RTIA program. Previously, many people got surprised to see an emotional Herlene “Hipon Girl” Budol in Wanted sa Radyo program of Senator Raffy … Read more

Herlene Budol Former Manager Finally Breaks Silence

Herlene Budol

Former talent manager of Herlene Budol finally speaks of her accusations. HERLENE BUDOL – Beauty queen Herlene Budol complains to the Raffy Tulfo program and her talent manager finally speaks. Previously, Bb. Pilipinas 2022 first runner-up “Hipon Girl” Herlene Budol accuses her former manager of pocketing her hard-earned money from endorsements. She suffered two years without … Read more

Herlene Budol Goes To Raffy Tulfo, Complains About Her Ex-Manager

Herlene Budol

Raffy Tulfo entertains Herlene Budol and her complaint about this person. HERLENE BUDOL – “Hipon Girl” Herlene Budol goes to Raffy Tulfo’s program and aired her problem regarding her former manager. Herlene Nicole “Hipon Girl” Budol joined Bb. Pilipinas 2022 pageant and she was the first runner-up. During the competition, she was a crowd’s favorite and even … Read more

Herlene Budol Reveals House and Lot Offer To Join Bb. Pilipinas

Herlene Budol

This is the real reason why Herlene Budol joined Bb. Pilipinas pageant. HERLENE BUDOL – Binibining Pilipinas 2022 1st runner-up Herlene Budol a.k.a Hipon Girl has this revelations about her pageant stint. Binibining Pilipinas 2021 Hannah Arnold crowned Nicole Borromeo as Binibining Pilipinas 2022. And the other winners of this year’s pageant are: View this post on … Read more

Herlene Budol New House

Herlene Budol New House

HERLENE BUDOL NEW HOUSE – Binibining Pilipinas 2022 1st runner-up Herlene Budol a.k.a Hipon Girl acquired new house and lot. Proud and extremely happy is the comedienne and beauty queen Herlene Budol a.k.a Hipon Girl. She has finally taken off one item from her bucket list and that is to give her family their very … Read more