Cesar Montano Much Closer Now To Daughters w/ Sunshine Cruz

Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine Cruz’s daughters have become closer to their father Cesar Montano. This is how it happened. CESAR MONTANO – Angelina, Sam, and Chesca share their current relationship now with their father Cesar Montano. Celebrities Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano’s annulment of marriage was granted in 2018. Mainly, their wedding’s fallout was because of the actor’s affairs … Read more

Cesar Montano Son With Sandra Seifert Meets His Half-Siblings

Cesar Montano Son

Sandra Seifert’s son with Cesar Montano finally met the actor’s other children. CESAR MONTANO – Corinth Ian (left), Cesar Montano’s six-year-old son with former beauty queen Sandra Seifert bonds with his other siblings. Former beauty queen Miss Philippines Earth 2009 winner Sandra Seifert has a son with action star Cesar Montano. Their son’s name is Corinth Ian … Read more

Cesar Montano Video, Mysterious Woman Appears Again In Birthday Video

Cesar Montano

Actor Cesar Montano and the “mysterious woman” reenacted their controversial old video. CESAR MONTANO – Veteran actor Cesar Montano does a video greeting with the mysterious woman from his back appearing again. Seasoned actor and multi-awarded action star Cesar Montano reenacted his old video with the mysterious woman that went viral online before. To recall, … Read more