Teachers Air Frustrations After Losing Hard-Earned Cash from Bank

Hard-Earned Cash

Teachers Express Dismay After Losing Hard-Earned Cash to Hacker Several teachers have expressed their frustration and disappointment after losing their hard-earned cash from the bank. A teacher named William narrated that he received numerous notifications from his Land Bank account sending one-time password. William immediately went to a branch of the bank to express his … Read more

Lone Suspect Stole P600k From Bank w/ 2 Guards in Manila

Lone Suspect

Lone Suspect Disarms 2 Guards & Successfully Stole P600k From Bank A lone suspect successfully stole over P600, 000 from a branch of popular bank with two security guards in Paco, Manila. Earlier this week, a lone hold-upper attacked a branch of China Bank in Paco, Manila after disarming the two security guards monitoring the … Read more

What To Do If ATM Did Not Dispense Cash After Withdrawal?


ATM Did Not Dispense Cash After Withdrawal? Here Are Some Steps On What To Do UNDISPENSED ATM WITHDRAWALS – What to do if the Automated Teller Machine did not dispense cash after withdrawing money? Nowadays, many bank customers have experienced ATM malfunction when withdrawing cash and not receiving the total amount they have requested but … Read more

Female Gamer Allegedly Robs Bank To Buy Skin for Mobile Legends

Female Gamer

Female Gamer Caught Stealing Just To Buy Skin for Mobile Legends A female gamer allegedly robbed a bank in Jakarta, Indonesia due to her great desire of buying skin for the popular online game Mobile Legends. Nowadays, Mobile Legends has been one of the most popular online games not only in the Philippines but also … Read more

Bank Reveals Accounts on “True Narcolist” Video Do Not Exist

True Narcolist

Accounts on “True Narcolist” Video Do Not Exist, Bank Reveals The bank mentioned on the controversial “True Narcolist” video revealed that the accounts reported in the video do not really exist. Over the past few weeks, the “True Narcolist” video has been one of the most controversial topics on social media. The “True Narcolist” video … Read more

List of Bank Operating Schedules for Holy Week 2019

Holy Week 2019

Banks Releases Operating Schedules for Holy Week 2019 Here is the list of bank operating schedules for the upcoming Holy Week 2019 and informed the public to perform banking transactions before the holidays. Nowadays, most people usually relies their daily transactions in different banks nationwide offering faster and easier services. However, bank service interruptions could … Read more

Bank Employee Dressed as Spiderman on His Last Day at Work

Bank Employee

Bank Employee Reports To Work on His Lady Wearing Spiderman Costume A certain bank employee dress as Spiderman on his last day of work giving candies to his fellow workers and drove his boss mad that day. Nowadays, some company workers are wishing that they could do something crazy at work without being terminated. A … Read more

UCPB Employees Caught Handling P32.8M Bank Money Now Acquitted From Charges

UCPB Employees

UCPB Employees Handling Large Amount Of Cash Now Acquitted From Rebellion Chages UCPB employees who have been caught carrying P32.8 million worth of bank money were now acquitted from rebellion charges. Previously, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) held suspicious ship passengers for carrying an amount of nearly P40 million. The ship passengers explained that they … Read more