Yen Santos Shares Heart’s Statement About Self-Love, Netizens React

Yen Santos highlights self-love in this post

Actress Yen Santos shared the past statement that Queen of Creative Collaborations Heart Evangelista had about self-love.

Yen’s social media page has been catching the attention of the online community these past weeks. Previously, netizens noticed that the actress deleted her birthday post for her boyfriend Kapuso actor Paolo Contis.

Last March, Yen flexed her dinner with Paolo and she wrote a simple but sweet caption in her post. However, that post is no longer available on her Instagram page.

yen santos
📷: @ysantos / Instagram

In an interview, Paolo was asked about this and he said that he was aware that Yen deleted that post but he had no idea why she did that. The actor had an intriguing answer when asked about his rumored breakup with Yen. He just said, “No comment.” When the actress deleted that post, breakup rumors circulated.

Just recently, the social media post that Yen Santos shared caught the attention of the online community. The actress shared a reel on her Instagram Story, featuring Heart Evangelista’s message to her younger self.

yen santos post
📷: via FP

Heart said that she would tell this to her younger self: “Stop giving away your heart like it’s candy. Treasure yourself. Love yourself. Treasure your heart and your soul. Because that’s what’s gonna save you in the end.”

This was shared on a popular showbiz site and netizens expressed various reactions. A netizen commented that it appeared that Yen had already woken up while others blamed the actress because, for them, she deserved this. There were also those who recalled the Baguio getaway that Yen and Paolo had. To recall, they were spotted together in the summer capital of the Philippines but the actor said at that time that they went there as “friends.”

For some netizens, this appeared to be a confirmation that Yen Santos is no longer with Paolo Contis. Here are some comments from netizens.

📷: via FP

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