Yassi Pressman, Gov. Luigi Villafuerte’s Video Kissing On Stage Goes Viral

Netizens reacted to this video of Yassi Pressman and Gov. Luigi Villafuerte

Actress Yassi Pressman and Camarines Sur Governor Luigi Villafuerte kissed on stage during the Kaogma Festival on Thursday and this went viral.

Last year, Yassi was first spotted with Gov. Luigi and this immediately sparked relationship rumors. Eventually, the actress talked about this in an interview in September 2023. However, she just said that she did not want to put labels on what she and the governor have.

In February this year, Yassi was seen kissing Gov. Luigi. Just recently, they were spotted kissing and this happened on stage, in front of the people who were watching an event for the Kaogma Festival.

Photo Source: Instagram

Based on the article in Balita, Yassi Pressman had some dance performances at the said event. After her performances, the Black Rider actress was joined by Gov. Luigi Villafuerte as they performed the song Hero by Enrique Iglesias.

Then, their faces became so close and they started kissing which garnered cheer from the audience. Yassi was laughing when the kiss ended and the governor gave her a smack kiss before doing a flying kiss to the audience.

yassi pressman luigi villafuerte
📷: Balita

When they were walking toward the back of the stage, the governor once again kissed Yassi. Here is the video shared by 96.7 Rinconada News FM on Facebook.

In the comment section of this post, netizens expressed different reactions. Some netizens said that it was inappropriate for a public servant like Gov. Luigi to do that kind of intimate act in front of the public. On the other hand, some netizens said that there was nothing wrong with that as Yassi Pressman and Gov. Luigi Villafuerte are a couple and allegedly they are set to tie the knot. Here are some comments from netizens on this viral video.

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