Darren Espanto On His Past Relationship With Kyline Alcantara

Darren Espanto has this statement about Kyline Alcantara

Kapamilya singer Darren Espanto talked about the past relationship between him and Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara.

To recall, last April, Kyline guested on It’s Showtime, in which Darren was one of the hosts. They had their funny moment when other hosts teased about their connection. Darren was linked to Cassy Legaspi while Kyline was linked to Mavy Legaspi.

Then, Darren revealed that he and Kyline became a couple. Naging kami dati,” he said about him and Kyline. However, the singer said that they were too young at that time. Years after their separation, when they were both mature already, they talked about this and they are okay.

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In a recent interview in Kapamilya broadcast-journalist Karen Davila’s vlog, based on the article in Balita, Darren Espanto was asked again about him and Kyline Alcantara. “It was real naman, e. Parang kahit sabihin ng iba na puppy love, may love pa rin na nando’n. There was care and all of that. It just didn’t work out in the end,” the singer said.

He also shared that it was a big factor they were too young back then and because of that, they had petty fights. However, he said that they are okay now even though there are times when they don’t talk to each other.

Previously, Mavy who is rumored to be the ex-boyfriend of Kyline was asked about the fans who are shipping Kyline with Darren. Mavy said that he has no problem with this because they are friends.

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📷: Balita

I have no problem kasi Darren and I are very close friends. Again, what you see on TV is what you get. Pero behind closed doors, nagme-message message kami ni Darren so we’re very good,” she said.

Meanwhile, in a previous interview, Darren Espanto also revealed his past with fellow singer Jayda Avanzado. On the other hand, he said that he and Cassy were just best friends.

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