Lolit Solis Does Not Regret Orchestrating The Manila Filmfest 1994 Scam

Lolit Solis recalled the biggest mistake she made on her 77th birthday

Veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis said that she does not regret orchestrating the Manila Filmfest 1994 scam.

During the height of her career as a talent manager, Lolit had a big controversy in the history of the Philippine entertainment industry. She manipulated the result of the filmfest awarding.

The real winner for Best Actor was Edu Manzano and the Best Actress was Aiko Melendez. However, by conniving with award presenters Miss Mauritius 1994 Viveka Babajee and Rocky Gutierrez, the names of Gabby Concepcion and Ruffa Gutierrez were announced as winners.

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However, Gretchen Barretto was also one of the presenters and her facial expression at that time was obviously opposing. Later on, she stood as a witness to what happened behind the camera.

When the scam that she orchestrated turned 28 in 2022, Lolit Solis shared a post about this. She said that it seemed like a few years ago only. The veteran showbiz writer also said that she and Gretchen reconciled despite that controversy.

During her 77th birthday celebration, based on the article in PEP, Lolit maintained that if things happen again, she will do the same thing. “The biggest mistake na nagawa ko pero hindi ko pinagsisihan… siguro if I will live my life again, gagawin ko uli, yung scam,” she said.

1994 film fest scam
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However, she said that it was the time she discovered how bad she was and she thought people would leave her because of what happened. Amid that controversy, her talents remained by her side and defended her, as well as, reporters who received kindness from her.

“Kaya I did not feel alone that time na galit sa akin yung buong Manila dahil sa kagagahan ko, buong Pilipinas… kasi, na-feel ko yung love na yun sa showbiz,” the veteran showbiz writer said.

This is the reason why she does not believe when other people say that some people have “showbiz treatment” to her because she experienced the love from people in the industry.

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