Xian Lim Reacts To Kapuso Writer’s Claim That He’s Difficult To Work With

Xian Lim answered this allegation from a Kapuso writer

Kapuso actor Xian Lim reacted to the claim made by writer Brylle Tabora that he is difficult to work with.

To recall, the writer made this comment against the actor in a post highlighting the actor’s willingness to give his all when he loves. For Tabora, this was a joke because, for him, Xian is “super difficult to work with.”

The writer also said that the Kapuso actor made their lives miserable. Because of this claim from Tabora, Xian received negative reactions from the online community.

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In a recent interview, based on the article in Inquirer, Xian Lim stressed that on TV projects, there is no relationship between the writer and the cast. He said that this can be possible in films as actors and scriptwriters have a collaborative process. With this, they get to meet and connect.

However, when it comes to TV shows, it’s very systematic, Xian shared. “So, the only people I talk to are the production manager and the creative head of GMA 7,” he said.

Then, he recalled what happened when the series Hearts On Ice was pitched to him “vaguely.” This was the series he made with Ashley Ortega.

“They just said, “Xian, are you willing to accept a project, a love story that happens on ice?” When I asked about the role, I was told, “Naku! ’Di pa namin alam ang full details, but you will fall in love on ice. [It’s about] figure skating,” he shared.

Brylle Tabora

Although the details were not elaborated, Xian loved the idea. He saw this as an opportunity to show how hard-working he is as an actor. Since he did not know how to figure skate, which is needed for his character, Xian trained for this.

He had private skating lessons with Coach Ronan Capili and Coach Dale Feliciano, and he paid for this with his own money. The training lasted for six months. He had his FS1 certificate after the training. Xian was ready to portray the role.

During the initial meetings, the creatives asked him how he was on ice. The actor said that he was already comfortable and he proudly showed his certificate from the training.

“I just asked about my character and what I was expected to do. I think this was valid because I will be the one portraying the character,” Xian Lim said, adding that he never met the Kapuso writer who had negative claims against him.

The actor stressed that he just hoped the writer could elaborate on what he said. “I’ve done nothing but put in the time,” Xian added.

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