Jake Cuenca Talks About Cutting Ties With His Drinking Buddies

Jake Cuenca has quit drinking for three years now

Kapamilya actor Jake Cuenca talked about cutting ties with his drinking buddies after he decided to stop drinking.

Jake has been very open about his personal life. He is not afraid to share who he is behind the camera and this is something that many of his fans love about him. In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, he talked about being sober from alcohol.

The actor decided to turn his back on whatever alcoholic beverage and this has been for three years already.

jake cuenca
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When you almost die, you’ll gonna start to look at life differently,” the actor laughingly admitted about what pushed him to be sober.

Jake Cuenca also admitted that this choice was not easy for him. It was extra challenging for him to stay away from alcohol because of the people around him.

“To be honest with you, when I stop drinking, to say no, especially when you’re with your bosses and people in the industry, it’s definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever have to do,” the actor said.

On the other hand, Jake said that this was the best decision he had made. The actor also shared that he is not even drinking light drinks now. “No, kasi doon nag-start,” he said.

Along with his decision to stop drinking, he also cut ties with his drinking buddies. “I would say, you have to be very decided and you have to cut ties. You have to cut people in your life, especially people na you have the bond of drinking with,” he shared.

When asked if he cut ties with friends because of this decision, the actor said that he cut ties with a lot of people. He said that he had to do this in order to have a solid and real change in his life.

It is also a good thing that he has no nightlife now. If he is not working, he would rather spend his time with his family and loved ones.

Meanwhile, Jake Cuena’s love life is also in a good state. He is currently in a relationship with Chie Filomeno.

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