Angel Locsin-Neil Arce Rumored Breakup: Dimples Romana Speaks

Dimples Romana debunked this rumor about her friend Angel Locsin

A rumor circulated that celebrity couple Angel Locsin and Neil Arce broke up and this was answered by the actress Dimples Romana.

It is not the first time that it has been rumored that Neil and Angel broke up. Back in 2018, it was rumored that they broke up but Neil put an end to this. In 2022, amid the beginning of Angel’s social media and showbiz hiatus, breakup rumors once again surfaced.

At that time, Dimples, one of the closest friends of Angel, debunked the rumored split. The actress said that she and Angel communicate with each other and there is no truth to the rumors.

Angel Locsin, Neil Arce

Just recently, based on the article in ABS-CBN News, Dimples Romana was once again asked about Angel Locsin and Neil Arce’s rumored breakup.

The actress said that she can see that Angel and Neil are still happily married. “I get to see her naman, she’s very, very happy and happily married, and Neil is taking very good care of her,” she said.

Dimples cited how social media affects people’s perception. She pointed out that at times people who don’t see married couples post anything on social media would easily speculate that they are no longer together.

No po! Hindi ibig sabihin wala sa social media, doesn’t mean it’s not happening,” she said. Dimples also highlighted the value of not depending on social media to have validation.

Social media hiatus is also good, she believes. Dimples also said that sometimes frustration comes from social media and there is a tendency for comparison will happen as you are taking a peek at other people’s lives.

dimples romana
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When you pause a little bit and know that not everything on social media can be helpful to you, you’ll be able to recognize that you too can have a happy life like Neil and Angel, na halos offline sila but they’re very, very happy,” she said.

Dimples was also asked about the possible showbiz comeback of Angel Locsin. She said that she also wishes her friend would return to acting as well because many fans are also anticipating her comeback.

However, she can say that Angel is truly happy with her life now. “She’s so light hearted and you just feel that she’s very very happy so once na mag decide siya at pinag dadasal natin yun ma malapit na yun I’m excited that I get to work with her but this time we get to bond each hindi lang sa personal but sa work,” Dimples said.

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