Duterte Claims Quiboloy Staying In KOJC’s Property In Davao

Duterte Says Quiboloy Remains Within Sect’s Davao Territory

DUTERTE – Ex-president Rodrigo Roa Duterte claimed that Pastor Apollo Quiboloy remains within the confines of the sect’s territory in Davao.

Former President Rodrigo Duterte, in his capacity as a lawyer, stated that he would advise his close friend and spiritual counselor Apollo Quiboloy to come forward and attend court proceedings. Duterte also mentioned that if Quiboloy feels he won’t receive fair treatment under the current administration, particularly mentioning Marcos, he should remain at the Tamayong location instead of appearing in court.

“But if you feel you can’t get a fair deal with this administration, and I’m talking here about Marcos and everything, ’di h’wag ka nang lumabas, diyan ka na lang sa Tamayong (don’t get out, better stay there in Tamayong),” he said at a press conference late Thursday night.

Based on a report from Inquirer, Rodrigo Duterte said that Pastor Quiboloy is currently hiding at Prayer Mountain, a 50-hectare property owned by Quiboloy’s KOJC sect in Barangay Tamayong, Davao City. Duterte, who was recently appointed as the “administrator” of KOJC properties, discussed Quiboloy’s whereabouts shortly after a Pasig City court issued an arrest warrant for him on charges of qualified human trafficking.

This was the second arrest warrant issued against Quiboloy, following a previous one issued by a Davao City court on a separate charge of sexual abuse.

Both cases involve the same complainant, who alleges she was subjected to rape, emotional and physical abuse, and forced labor under the guise of religious service during her time as a follower of KOJC. These alleged incidents date back to 2011 when she was 17 years old.

Quiboloy, along with five other KOJC leaders, faces accusations in both cases. While all have posted bail in the Davao case, the Pasig case is nonbailable. Duterte noted the difficulty law enforcement would face in searching for Quiboloy at the expansive Tamayong property, which contains numerous houses.

“If ever the police manage to secure a search warrant, they have to be sure which house he was hiding in as each house would require a different writ from the court,” said Duterte.

“Once [they] get inside and scour the entire property all day, they will be so tired that in the end they will become new members of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ,” he added.

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