Top Web 3.0 Coins to Watch in 2024: A Curated Selection

Web 3.0 is a term used to describe the next generation of the Internet. At the forefront are new technologies such as blockchain protocols, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the best Web 3.0 coin types with long-term potential.

Best Web 3.0 Coin Types of 2024

We have listed below the best Web 3.0 coin types that will be beneficial to invest in in 2024.

  1. SMOG – The best Solana Web3 coin with aggressive marketing and generous airdrop rewards
  2. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – an innovative stake-to-mine project that recently launched pre-sale
  3. SPONGEV2 – An upgraded version of the popular memecoin 2, a web3 coin with a unique stake-to-bridge mechanism.
  4. Meme Kombat (MK) – Meme project featuring unique meme character battles and staking profits, expected to be listed on Binance
  5. eTukTuk (TUK) – a blockchain-based sustainable transportation alternative for the masses
  6. SCOTTY The AI – Provides artificial intelligence-based web 3.0 cryptocurrency, swap mechanism, and staking tool
  7. Scorpion Casino – New casino platform offering staking passive income up to $10,000
  8. Ethereum – Web 3.0 Best to Buy in 2024
  9. Uniswap – The Best Web 3.0 Coin for Decentralized Trading
  10. Basic Attention Token – The best Web 3.0 coin responsible for the future of digital marketing
  11. Decentraland – Best Web 3.0 Coins to Invest in Metaverse
  12. – the leading Web 3.0 project in decentralized lending
  13. Cosmos – A project that connects other Web 3.0 crypto projects to each other.
  14. The Graph – The Best Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency for Blockchain Indexing
  15. Tron – The Best Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency for Content Creators
  16. Solana – A strong competitor to Ethereum
  17. BNB – Binance, a powerful platform that will lead the Web 3.0 ecosystem

The above Web 3.0 coin types support the Web 3.0 ecosystem in various ways, so please read the text for more details.

Explore The Best Web 3.0 Coins to Invest In

Web 3.0 will be supported in the form of various services in various niche fields in the future. This includes smart contracts, gaming, finance, metaverse, etc.

And since this field is still in its infancy, if you choose a good project and invest now, you can expect big profits in the future. The section below details the types of Web 3.0 coins that are good to buy right now.

1. SMOG – The Best Solana Web3 Coin With Aggressive Marketing and Generous Airdrop Rewards

The SMOG project is gaining attention as the best Web3 coin today thanks to its aggressive marketing and generous airdrop plan. This is a Solana-based memecoin that recently launched PairLaunch.

This project provides 35% of the total token supply as airdrop compensation, promising generous benefits to buyers. SMOG buyers can earn airdrop points by holding it and earn additional points by completing various community missions.

In particular, Solana has been receiving a positive response recently thanks to the successful Jupiter DEX and meme coins such as JUP airdrop and Bonk. And with all of these elements in place, smog has a very promising future ahead of it. As promotion is very important in Memecoin, the project is allocating 50% of its tokens to marketing.

Accordingly, smog is indeed showing success. This project was launched on February 7, 2024, local time, and is achieving tremendous results, with its market capitalization soaring by more than 1,300% in just 24 hours after launch.

You’ll need a Solana-compatible wallet to purchase coins, and you can also purchase them on Ethereum via the website widget. If you purchase with the widget, you can enjoy a 10% discount and earn staking rewards. The latest news on smog can be found through Telegram.

Visit Smog Presale now

Cryptocurrency is an investment product with no significant volatility and regulation.

2. Bitcoin Minetrix – Innovative Stake-to-Mine Project That Recently Launched Pre-sale

The Web3 coin you must check out today is Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX). This platform is an innovative project that makes it easy for anyone to participate in cloud mining, and in particular, it introduces the world’s first stake-to-mine mechanism.

Cloud mining refers to a service that allows ordinary individuals to participate in Bitcoin mining through third-party companies. It is true that mining generally requires expensive equipment and high electricity bills, making it difficult for the general public to participate. However, through cloud mining services, ordinary people can also participate in mining. However, because this cloud mining is carried out in a centralized manner, many companies commit fraud against investors, and cash is required, the barrier to entry is somewhat high.

This is where Bitcoin Minetrix comes into play. The project allows users to conveniently earn mining credits by purchasing and staking BTCMTX tokens. And this entire process is decentralized, transparent, and safe.

The mining credits that users earn by staking BTCMTX tokens are non-transferable ERC-20 tokens. Users acquire mining power by burning these credits in the ecosystem. Accordingly, you can gain mining time and earn some of the mining profits.

This mechanism allows even beginners with no knowledge of mining to easily access cloud mining and is environmentally friendly. Thanks to this, the response to the current BTCMTX pre-sale is very enthusiastic. Presales are raising more than $100,000 in one day.

The total supply of BTCMTX tokens is 4 billion, of which 70% are allocated for pre-sale. The maximum goal for presale is $32 million. It consists of a total of 10 stages, and the price increases slightly at each stage. Currently, in phase 1 the token is being sold for $0.011.

The latest information about Bitcoin Minetrix can be found on the official Telegram or Twitter (X). .

Hard Cap$32 million
Total Supply4 billion
Pre-sale Quantity2.8 billion
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token TypeERC-20
Minimum Purchase$10
Purchase TokenUSDT, ETH, BNB

3. SPONGEV2 – An Upgraded Version of the Popular Memecoin 2, a Web3 coin With a Unique Stake-to-Bridge Mechanism

SPONGEV2 is a new version of the popular web3 meme coin $SPONGE. It caused a huge craze in May 2023, with its market capitalization rising from $1 million to $100 million after its launch.

If you missed this great opportunity, you will be able to seize a new opportunity through the upcoming V2 version. According to the Sponge V2 whitepaper, these new coins can only be obtained through stake-to-bridge.

Sponge V2 uses an automated staking mechanism. If you have previously staked V1 tokens to a V1 smart contract, you can withdraw them and then re-stake them to a new V2 smart contract. Please note that V1 tokens are permanently locked through this process.

Until SPONGEV2 tokens are officially launched on major exchanges, staking V1 tokens is the only way to obtain V2 tokens. By staking tokens into the V2 smart contract, it is possible to receive the same amount of V2 tokens as a bonus.

The new $SPONGE token also offers a variety of utilities and revenue opportunities through P2E gaming. Once the V2 token is launched, the project plans to launch the Web3 P2E ecosystem in free and paid versions.

In the paid version, you can enjoy fun games, climb the leaderboard rankings, and get SPONGEV2 tokens as rewards. A free version is also provided to attract new users. The number of tokens paid out as staking and P2E rewards amounts to more than 51% of the total supply of 150 billion.

If you are interested in this project, check out the latest news through Sponge’s official Twitter and Telegram channels.

Token total supply150 billion
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token TypeERC-20
How to Get it$SPONGE Staking

4. Meme Kombat – Meme Project That Provides Unique Meme Character Battles and Staking Profits, Expected to be Listed on Binance

The project to be introduced this time is Meme Combat (MK). This project uses blockchain technology to implement peer-to-peer battles with popular meme characters, providing unique rewards and fun. The project is currently in pre-sale and is expected to be the best Web3 coin of the year.

In Meme Combat’s battle arena, familiar characters such as Pepe, Wojak, and SpongeBob appear and battle. Players stake tokens to predict the outcome of each match and receive rewards based on the results. All games are processed fairly and transparently using blockchain and artificial intelligence technology.

Interestingly, the game will be seasonal, with the first season scheduled to begin after pre-sale ends. The game supports various modes such as player vs. player and player vs. game, and new characters and game modes will be added each season.

In the presale, MK tokens are selling for $1.667, and investors can start staking MK tokens as soon as they purchase them in the presale. Currently, Meme Combat’s staking offers high rewards of a whopping 112% APY.

The total supply of MK tokens is 12 million, with 50% sold in the pre-sale. 30% of tokens will be provided as staking and battle rewards and 10% will be provided as community rewards. The remaining 10% is invested in the DEX exchange.

The latest information about this project can be found on our Telegram channel. Also, see the white paper for more information.

Hard Cap$10 million
Total Supply12 million
Pre-sale Quantity6 million
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token TypeERC-20
Minimum Purchase$10
How to PurchaseUSDT, ETH, BNB

5. eTukTuk (TUK) – Blockchain-based Sustainable Transportation Alternative for the Masses

Today, as interest in eco-friendly issues increases, the need for sustainable transportation is increasingly highlighted. eTukTuk is a new Web 3.0 project that emerged to provide a solution to these problems.

The eTukTuk Project has the vision to clean up the world through innovative transportation while providing users with affordable and accessible transportation solutions. And among them, electric vehicles and blockchain technology are utilized.

For reference, TukTuk is a popular means of transportation in Sri Lanka. This is a medium-sized vehicle between a regular car and a motorcycle and has been considered a major cause of environmental problems. Meanwhile, Ituktuk is trying to solve this problem by offering a new electric vehicle.

Ituktuk’s electric vehicles ensure safety and sustainability through a patented roll cage design. Therefore, it is evaluated as a better alternative compared to tuk-tuks in developing countries.

Interestingly, etuktuk not only offers electric vehicles but also seeks to provide a network of accessible charging stations throughout Sri Lanka. This will allow drivers to charge their vehicles cheaply and easily. Thanks to this, the popularization of electric vehicles is expected to accelerate rapidly.

In particular, Ituktuk has a partnership with a Sri Lankan conglomerate called The Capital Maharaja Group. This will enable local manufacturing, which will reduce costs and at the same time provide greater accessibility to users.

Ituktuk also provides a blockchain-based ecosystem. This gives users a virtual identity and makes transaction costs very low. You will also gain access to financial opportunities that were previously unavailable to you. Thanks to this, Ituktuk is able to provide a truly public-friendly platform.

If you are interested in this project, you can check out the latest news on the Ituktuk Telegram channel.

Visit eTukTuk

Cryptocurrency is an investment product with no significant volatility and regulation.

6. SCOTTY – Provides Artificial Intelligence-Based Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency, Swap Mechanism, and Staking Tool

Scotty the AI ​​is a new Web 3.0 project that introduces artificial intelligence to provide innovative and advanced solutions in the cryptocurrency world. Users can use SCOTTY native tokens on the platform to gain staking benefits and utilize the swap mechanism.

According to the ScottyAI whitepaper, the project detects fraud risks in the crypto space to enhance security and mitigate potential risks. It uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to analyze complex blockchain data and quickly track abnormal networks.

Interestingly, the project plans to launch an artificial intelligence chatbot for users. Users can chat with the chatbot as if they were talking to a person and answer various questions about blockchain.

SCOTTY tokens are currently being sold cheaply in presale. The current token price is $0.005, and we are raising over $100,000 in a short period of time. SCOTTY buyers can also enjoy passive income for 3 years by staking tokens into the Scotty AI smart contract.

According to the roadmap listed on the official website, the project plans to release Scotty Swap. It has features that help smooth transactions between SCOTTY tokens and various DeFi tokens.

Investors interested in this project can check out the latest news on the ScottyAI Telegram channel.

Total Supply1,734,567,890
Pre-sale Quantity520,370,367
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token TypeERC-20
Minimum Purchase10 SCOTTY
Means of PurchaseUSDT, ETH, card

Visit Scotty the AI Presale now

Cryptocurrency is an investment product with no significant volatility and regulation.

7. Scorpion Casino – New Casino Platform Offering Staking Passive Income of up to $10,000

Scorpion Casino is a new casino platform that offers users fun and good earning opportunities. In particular, the casino has a mechanism to redistribute a portion of the profits to native token holders, and users can earn up to 10,000 USDT through staking.

The casino offers 210 casino games and 160 live games, including popular games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. In particular, this platform guarantees safe and fair gaming results through famous gaming providers such as Betrader and Coinfade. Additionally, the platform has obtained the Curaçao gaming license.

The casino also offers sports betting, allowing users to bet on popular games such as soccer, tennis, horse racing, baseball, boxing, and MMA.

The SCORP token is the native token of this platform and serves as the exclusive payment method in this ecosystem. It also serves as the default betting option for sports, casino, and esports games.

The platform redistributes 2% of every transaction, providing passive income to token holders. Thanks to this, users can increase their assets simply by holding tokens. Additionally, this token is a deflationary token. Therefore, 1% is burned after every transaction, ensuring long-term value retention.

SCORP token presale is currently underway. Please note that if you purchase at least $1,000 in this presale, you will be enrolled in the Elite Scorpion Member Club. The club offers users VIP services, cashback, additional staking rewards, and additional SCORP tokens. Additionally, if you use the Scorpion20 bonus code, you can get 20% extra tokens for a limited time.

Pre-saleStarting in May 2023
Payment MethodETH, USDT, BNB
ChainBinance chain
Token TypeBEP-29
Listing Price$0.05

8. Ethereum – Web 3.0 Best to Buy in 2024

Overall, Ethereum is a top Web 3.0 project that seems to have a bright future ahead and will last forever. That’s because Ethereum sits at the center of the Web 3.0 ecosystem as we know it today. Many of the Web3.0 coin types that will be introduced in this text are actually built on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, Ethereum can be seen as an essential element in the Web 3.0 project.

This includes a wide range of decentralized financial networks, metaverses, dApps, and more. The most powerful advantage of the Ethereum ecosystem is that anyone, including Web 3.0 projects, can create and deploy smart contracts. In fact, Ethereum has more smart contract commitments than any other cryptocurrency project.

And just looking at the Ethereum coin itself, it is already a huge project with the second largest market capitalization after Bitcoin. Moreover, Ethereum, first launched in 2015, is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in recent years. As just one example, over the past five years, the value of Ethereum has increased by almost 5,000%.

9. Uniswap – Best Web 3.0 Coin for Decentralized Trading

Usually, when researching good Web 3.0 coins, the most frequently encountered term is ‘decentralization’. Decentralization refers to a product or service that allows anyone to conduct transactions smoothly without a third-party intermediary. For example, it means sending money or lending money without a bank. Uniswap is at the center of these decentralized transactions.

Uniswap is also a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain introduced above. The platform helps people around the world buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a decentralized way. This means you no longer have to go through a centralized exchange to trade digital currencies.

Uniswap will do this through its Automated Market Maker (AMM) ecosystem. This innovative protocol eliminates traditional order books and instead measures coin prices in real-time based on market capitalization and other key criteria such as trading volume. To invest in this Web 3.0 coin, simply purchase Uniswap Coin (UNI).

10. Basic Attention Token – The Best Web 3.0 Coin Responsible for the Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a field that is predicted to be very popular in the Web 3.0 ecosystem in the future. Even today, we are experiencing the power of Internet advertising. Typically, when Internet users visit websites, they are presented with advertisements, many of which are completely unrelated to our needs.

Additionally, although marketing teams pay websites to display ads, the calculation of this revenue is centralized and not transparent in some large corporations. First of all, Internet users who see advertisements directly do not benefit at all. And this is exactly what Basic Attention Token aims to innovate. The project runs on the Brave browser (with plans to expand to other browsers in the future) and allows internet users to earn coins each time they view an ad.

Most importantly, the ads published here are selected based on products and services of interest to users. From the perspective of digital marketing teams, the Basic Attention Token transparently ensures that advertising funds are being used appropriately. With such brilliant ideas, the future of this project is expected to be bright, and by investing in BAT coins, you will be able to benefit from the growth of Basic Attention Tokens in the future.

11. Decentraland – Best Web 3.0 Coin to Invest in Metaverse

Metaverse is another new concept project that has grown exponentially over the past year. The long-term concept of Metaverse is to bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds through virtual reality. For example, in the metaverse world, you can walk around your neighborhood and interact with other neighbors.

You can also go to a department store and purchase actual products or watch a musical at a theater in New York. Decentraland is at the forefront of this metaverse project. It is home to a popular gaming world that allows users to invest in digital lands.

Land purchased in Decentraland can be developed into apartments, villas, shopping malls, and even casinos. And you can resell it. In fact, many real estate projects within the Decentraland ecosystem have sold for millions of dollars.

MANA, the native token of the Decentraland ecosystem, is one of the best Web 3.0 blockchain coins in terms of price performance. When the token was first launched in 2017, MANA was worth just $0.025. It has since risen to $5.90, an increase of more than 23,000%.

12. Yeonfinance – The Best Web 3.0 Project in Decentralized Lending

A key element of the Web 3.0 ecosystem is expected to focus on financial services. For example, Bitcoin will likely still serve as a medium of digital coin exchange and store of value. At the same time, Yeonfinance will play an important role in the decentralized lending protocols of Web 3.0.

Simply put, Yeonfinance facilitates lending in a decentralized manner without jurisdictional restrictions or credit checks. This is because users can borrow cryptocurrencies in exchange for collateral. And you will pay interest on the funds you borrow. These loans are funded directly by investors. In other words, anyone who wants to earn money from idle coins can participate.

For example, users will deposit coins into the Yeonfinance platform, and the funds will be used to facilitate loans. And in return, you get interest income, which is much higher than the figures offered by traditional banks and financial institutions. You can invest in Yeonfinance by purchasing its own coin, YFI. Currently, this coin is traded on dozens of popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

13. Cosmos – A Project that Connects Other Web 3.0 Encryption Projects

It’s clear that the more Web 3.0 projects that provide solutions to a variety of problems, the better. However, if this market becomes too fragmented, it may actually hinder the growth of the Web 3.0 ecosystem. Cosmos solves this problem. This is because it enables interoperability between these diverse blockchains.

Interoperability refers to the ability to connect and communicate with different blockchains, a concept that is generally impossible. For example, Bitcoin and Ethereum are independent of each other, so there is no way for the two blockchains to share data. But Cosmos makes this possible.

Therefore, various top projects in the market, such as Decentraland, Ethereum, Yeonfinance, and Uniswap, can be connected through Cosmos. The Cosmos project has its own coin, ATOM, so you can easily purchase it.

14. The Graph – The Best Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency for Blockchain Indexing

Another improvement needed in the Web 3.0 ecosystem is the problem of data overload. This is because blockchain protocols facilitate a significant amount of transaction processing, which can ultimately lead to efficiency issues for each network. For example, as Web 3.0 projects are built on Ethereum, transaction fees increase.

The good news is that TheGraph is already solving this problem with its innovative blockchain indexing tool. To put it simply, when a blockchain is connected to The Graph Protocol, the data on the blockchain is automatically indexed. Therefore, irrelevant data stays off-chain, which ultimately makes the network faster and more efficient.

From an investment perspective, purchasing GRT The Graph Coin will be beneficial as greater growth is expected in the future. In the future, more blockchain networks will use this tool and pay fees with GRT The Graph Coin, resulting in a larger market value. As this top Web 3.0 coin is still trading below $1, it can be considered undervalued, making now a good time to invest in The Graph Coin.

15. Tron – The Best Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency for Content Creators

Tron is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency project created by Justin Sun in 2017. This China-based project could play an important role in the future of Web 3.0, as it puts content back in the hands of its rightful owners: the original creators.

Content creators these days have to rely on third parties to market their material, whether it’s in the form of a video, song, or column. This means you’ll be giving up a large portion of any revenue each piece of content generates.

For example, when a video is posted to YouTube, YouTube takes a significant portion of the advertising revenue that content earns. This is where Tron comes into play. Tron allows creators to market their content directly to their audiences. And most of the advertising revenue generated from this content is paid to the original creator.

16. Solana – A Strong Competitor to Ethereum

We mentioned at the top of the article that Ethereum is the best Web 3.0 project because it dominates the smart contract space today. However, since there is no guarantee that Ethereum will maintain this dominance, it is also worth investing in Solana.

Basically, Solana supports almost the same services as Ethereum (decentralized processing, smart contracts, support for third-party web 3.0 dapps, etc.). However, in terms of the technology itself, Solana supports better performance than Ethereum. This includes key criteria such as speed, pricing, and scalability.

For example, Solana is capable of processing tens of thousands of transactions per second, while Ethereum is reportedly still stuck at around 16. Additionally, the Ethereum network is constantly overloaded, which means transaction fees can often become unmanageable, especially for small transactions. However, Solana trading fees are incomparably lower.

17. BNB – Binance, a Powerful Platform that will Lead the Web 3.0 Ecosystem

Binance was developed in 2017 as a centralized exchange platform. In less than five years since its launch, Binance exchange is now the largest exchange in the world with over 100 million users and billions of dollars in daily trading volume. Binance will dive into a variety of cryptocurrency-related niches, including cryptocurrency savings accounts, leveraged projects, and its own blockchain.

In particular, Binance Smart Chain is a network for newly launched cryptocurrencies. And Binance’s own token, BNB, is used to pay transaction fees when users buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the network. This means that as more projects utilize this network, the value of BNB will increase, and it is already worth billions of dollars.

At the same time, Binance has proven itself as an innovator in the cryptocurrency industry by launching various services and products, so the future of BNB can be seen as bright. This is why BNB is the best Web 3.0 cryptocurrency to buy.

How to Buy SMOG Tokens

This section introduces how to purchase SMOG tokens.

Step 1 – Connect Your Wallet

SMOG coins can be purchased from Jupiter DEX or Birdseye. First, prepare a Solana-compatible wallet such as Phantom, then connect to Birdseye to connect the wallet.

Step 2 – Buy $SMOG

You will now see the coin price and purchase window. Purchase tokens by selecting the coin you wish to pay for and entering the quantity you wish to purchase.

Step 3 – Earn Airdrop Points Through Quests

It is now possible to earn airdrop points by participating in the Zealy community. Quests include daily, weekly, and monthly quests, and you can also check your ranking on the leaderboard. More detailed information about the airdrop will be announced later.

What is Web 3.0 Coin?

To understand what a Web 3.0 cryptocurrency is, it is helpful to first know about the growth of the Internet as we know it today. First of all, Web 1.0 refers to the early version of the Internet in the 1990s. At the time, the connection was via phone line, and speeds averaged around 50k. It was incredibly slow compared to now.

Next, Web 2.0, which began in 2000, enables ultra-fast connections. This is the Internet era we are currently enjoying, with 5G data, smartphones, and online streaming. And the next form of the Internet will be Web 3.0. It focuses on new technologies such as:

  • Blockchain
  • Smart Contract
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Decentralization
  • A.I
  • Machine Learning

All of the above technologies will be formed in the Web 3.0 ecosystem. And, if you want to invest in the hope of great growth in this industry, you can purchase the Web 3.0 cryptocurrency mentioned above. In conclusion, both cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will form the core of the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Are Web 3.0 Coins a Good Investment?

If you are not yet sure about investing in Web3 Coin, you may need to do a little more detailed research. When analyzing the best Web 3.0 cryptocurrency, it is helpful to evaluate the following factors.


One of the main advantages of investing in the best Web3 coins is decentralization.

This is the core concept that Bitcoin first brought to the market. Quite simply, decentralization eliminates the need for middlemen to intervene in transactions.

Let’s take the Internet in its current form as an example. Nowadays, it largely depends on the website you choose and the service providers in between. Here, the service provider is centralized and has full control over users’ access to the World Wide Web (WWW).

However, if Web 3.0 remains decentralized, website data will be stored on multiple servers around the world. This means that no one can deny or restrict access.

Unlicensed and Uncensored

Coupled with decentralization, the Web 3.0 ecosystem will become permissionless. This means that governments can no longer restrict which websites their citizens can view.

  • For example, the likes of Google, YouTube, and Facebook are all banned in China, meaning that 1.4 billion people cannot access these websites without going through a VPN.
  • This control issue has also been applied in several other countries.

On the other hand, Web 3.0 is decentralized, so no one can authorize or censor the Internet.

Growth Potential

Another advantage of investing in Web3 Coin is its tremendous value potential. As the Web 3.0 ecosystem develops, the investment value will also increase.

For example, we mentioned earlier that the value of Ethereum has increased by almost 5,000% in the last five years alone. And in the case of Decentraland and its MANA token, its value has increased by more than 23,000% since its launch in 2017.

These are just two of many examples. At the same time, you should keep in mind that the Web 3.0 market is currently oversaturated, so there is no guarantee that your investment will be successful. Rather, the risk of loss must be considered. Therefore, it may be a good idea to consider investing in Battle Infinity, which is considered to have the greatest potential.

Easy Diversification

Due to the oversaturation of Web 3.0, simple investments are rather risky. The best way to reduce this risk of loss is to diversify your investment types.

  • For example, we mentioned earlier that Ethereum is an important Web 3.0 blockchain and that popular projects are building platforms on top of it.
  • At the same time, there is Solana, which is faster, cheaper, and much more scalable than Ethereum.
  • This also applies to projects like Cardano and Neo.
  • Therefore, it may be wise to diversify across multiple Web 3.0 blockchains.

There are also virtual real estate investments in the Decentraland metaverse, but that’s by no means all there is to it. It’s good to remember that there are a variety of projects with similar concepts, such as Sandbox and Exi Infinity.

Web 3.0 is Still in Its Infancy

There is another thing to remember. The point is that the Web 3.0 cryptocurrency industry is still in its early stages.

This means that there is an opportunity to invest when the Web 3.0 ecosystem is very young, and thus a favorable entry price selection is possible.

To put it simply, it is easy to understand if you think about investing in Amazon or Microsoft in the Web 1.0 era or investing in technology stocks such as Apple or Facebook in the Web 2.0 era.

Web 3.0 Cryptocurrency Price

The price of Web3 Coin will be determined by market forces, just like traditional stocks in the Web 1.0 and 2.0 space. In other words, the value of Web 3.0 cryptocurrency will greatly depend on supply and demand.

For example, the reason why the Web 3.0 cryptocurrency Ethereum has returned more than 20,000% since its launch in 2015 is because the market believes in the future of this project.

Therefore, in situations where there are more buyers than sellers in the market, this will have a huge positive impact on the price of Ethereum. At the same time, the Web 3.0 market is still in its infancy, considering that the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was only launched in 2009.

Another thing to keep in mind is that cryptocurrency investments are often made in a speculative manner. This also applies to 3.0 coins, so their price volatility will be extreme.

Where can I Purchase Web 3.0 Coins?

There are various ways to purchase Web 3.0 Coins. To put it simply, you can use a cryptocurrency exchange, and there are hundreds of exchanges both domestically and overseas. As Web 3.0 coins are still in their infancy, we should naturally consider long-term investments. What is important here are fees, security that can be stored for a long time, and staking that can generate interest income just by storing it. The exchange that meets all of these requirements is definitely MEXC.

MEXC is one of the world’s most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, like Binance. This exchange supports over 1,800 cryptocurrencies and can be used safely in Korea. This exchange’s commission varies depending on the transaction type but is 0.10% for spot trading. It also has excellent security capabilities.

MEXC supports powerful and reliable staking features. Staking is a function that allows you to generate profits just by holding coins, and MEXC supports staking for a variety of digital assets. However, since staking requires the coins to be locked for a certain period of time, the coins cannot be traded.

What is important when staking is the reliability of the exchange, because there is no legal means to respond even if the exchange steals coins during the process. Because the reliability that MEXC has shown so far is enormous, many investors are intentionally moving their coins to MEXC wallets and staking them.

How To Use MEXC

Introducing how to use MEXC. This exchange can be easily used in Korea as well.

Step 1: Sign up for MEXC

Access the MEXC official website and click Sign Up in the upper right corner. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete your registration through phone/email verification.

Step 2: Buy Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be purchased through the cryptocurrency purchase menu at the top of the MEXC exchange. You can use a variety of methods to make your purchase, including credit cards and bank transfers. For domestic users, cryptocurrency obtained from domestic exchanges such as Upbit can be transferred to the MEXC exchange account.

Step 3: Trade Cryptocurrency

Once you have secured cryptocurrency, full-fledged trading is now possible. If you go to the spot trading menu at the top of the homepage, you will see an order window at the bottom center. Here, select the cryptocurrency you want to purchase and enter the desired buy/sell amount. Then click the Buy/Buy button. The order will then be placed and the transaction will be executed when the selected conditions are met.


In summary, Web 3.0 coins will play an important role in the future of the Internet.

However, the Web 3.0 ecosystem in its current form is still too fragmented. So it might be wise to hold off for a while until we have a clearer idea of ​​how this space will develop over the next few years.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy right now for your 2024 portfolio, we recommend Smog. This project introduces an innovative airdrop, allowing users to self-promote coins and earn airdrop points. It also helps users enjoy long-term benefits through staking and burning mechanisms.

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