Tahanang Pinakamasaya Hosts’ Spiel, Is This Show’s Final Episode?

Tahanang Pinakamasaya hosts garnered speculations due to this

The hosts of the Kapuso noontime shows Tahanang Pinakamasaya appeared to have their farewell and thank you speeches which garnered speculations that the show aired its final episode on Saturday.

Actor Paolo Contis and former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno are leading the line up of the noontime show hosts after the iconic TVJ trio and the legit Dabarkads decided to leave TAPE Inc. because of certain issues.

Legal battles happened after the trio strongly claimed they had the right to use the Eat Bulaga title that Henyo Master Joey de Leon coined. The court took TVJ’s side, pushing TAPE Inc. to name its show Tahanang Pinakamasaya.

tahanang pinakamasaya hosts
📷: GMA

On Saturday, during the ending credits of the Kapuso noontime show, Isko Moreno’s speech thanking their sponsors and mentioning the hardships they went through, somehow prompted speculations that there was something deeper in this.

Then, Paolo Contis said, “This is a grand Sabado! Isa na namang Sabado na hindi natin malilimutan. Lahat ng to ay alay namin para sa inyo mula sa pamilyang TAPE Incorporated, ang tagahatid tulong, saya, at unli surpresa mula pa ng 1979 sa pamamagitan ng Eat Bulaga hanggang ngayon dito sa Tahanang Pinakamasaya.”

After that, the hosts bowed and sang their show’s theme song. Netizen @dryedmangoez shared this on X, formerly known as Twitter with this caption, “Did Tahanang Pinakamasaya, literally, just take their final bow earlier? Hosts in tears. Seemingly a Thank you and Farewell message from Isko Moreno and Paolo Contis. TAPE Inc’s social media accounts now offline.”

Other netizens shared their thoughts on this. X user @chamx3lol shared a screenshot of the post from the official band of the Kapuso noontime show, Music Hero. The band who first worked with TVJ and the Dabarkads thanked TAPE Inc and the show.

@dryedmangoez shared in one of the replies that even the cameraman of the show changed the profile photo to “sign off.”

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