Diego Loyzaga Admits Committing This Mistake To His Child’s Mother

Diego Loyzaga talked about the mother of his baby

Actor Diego Loyzaga admitted that he committed a mistake to Alexis Suapengco, the mother of his child.

In a post that he shared last year featuring a baby girl, Diego confirmed that he is now a father. He expressed how happy he is to enter the fatherhood stage of his life. The actor, on the other hand, did not initially reveal the identity of the child’s mother.

However, last January, his now ex-girlfriend Alexis had a controversial revelation. She said that Diego kicked her and their baby out of the house so that his girlfriend could move in.

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Diego Loyzaga did not deny that statement from his Alexis. In a recent interview, based on the article in Bandera, the actor shared that she and Lex were able to talk already about their co-parenting agreement after her controversial revelation.

He said that they initially planned to clear the issues between them and what happened but eventually, they thought that there is no need for this to do. Diego said that the important thing is that he and Lex knows what’s the truth and that they don’t need to prove anything to other people.

The actor also said that he is used of intrigues in the entertainment industry. At this point of the interview, Diego admitted that he repeatedly committed a mistake. He shared that Alexis has set a rule and he transgressed that several times.

“May mali naman talaga kasi ako, meron siyang sinet na rule, I broke that rule and not only once siguro twice or three times pa. Can you blame the woman for having emotions and reacting out of her emotions, no!” the actor said.

He stressed that he made a mistake and he learned a lesson from that and that is keeping what you promised. “I should have kept my promise and I will always be understanding of Lex, she’s the mother of my child,” Diego Loyzaga said.

The actor is now more focused on being a father, to provide for his child, and he wants to be a good example.

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