Bea Alonzo RM, MUA “Manipulative Sad Boi” Post, Is This For Dominic?

People from team Bea Alonzo shared this intriguing post

The road manager and make-up artist of Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo shared an intriguing post about a “manipulative sad boi.”

Amid the rumored breakup between Bea and her fiance Dominic Roque, several speculations surfaced. The alleged gender preference of the actress surfaced on social media. Some fans of Bea commented that Dominic was not a greed flag from the very first because he liked the bully post that Julia Barretto shared about the Kapuso actress.

bea alonzo
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From the time when netizens noticed that Bea was not wearing her engagement ring until her “wala pa” answer to questions about their supposed wedding preparations, the breakup rumors continue to linger on social media.

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Just recently, the social media post that Bea Alonzo’s road manager Nina Ferrer, and make-up artist Tin Duque captured the attention of the online community.

The post was about a “manipulative sad boi.” The said person is “Any guy who’ll try to convince that they’re the victim of the situation.” The post also said that this manipulative person will “make you believe that you’re in the wrong and that you’re the one who should be feeling guilty.”

It added that this “boi” is “Toying with your mind, they’re seriously just bad news.” This was first shared by Bea’s road manager and her make-up artist reposted it.

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This was shared on a popular showbiz site and netizens have polarizing opinions about this. Some said that it is good for Bea that the relationship has “ended” and some expressed that they are surprised that Dominic was supposed to be like that.

On the other hand, some netizens cited that there was a “pattern” as they pointed out what happened to Bea Alonzo’s past relationship with Gerald Anderson. To recall, the Kapuso actress accused her ex-boyfriend of ghosting and gaslighting her. Here are some comments.

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