KC Concepcion Tells Mom To “Wake Up” After Sharon Posts About “Sweet, Glorious Sleep”

KC Concepcion Jokingly Urged Mom Sharon Cuneta To Wake Up

KC CONCEPCION – Actress KC Concepcion jokingly told her mom Sharon Cuneta to wake up.

Since KC’s birth, her existence has been subjected to public scrutiny as she is the offspring of two highly renowned figures in the Philippine showbiz industry. Numerous showbiz enthusiasts are aware that KC leads a vibrant life both in front of and behind the camera.

The dynamics of her relationship with her mother have also been eventful, with various instances of rumored discord discussed in both the showbiz circles and online communities. Despite the negative speculations surrounding their connection, it is undeniable that KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta share a deep and unwavering love for each other, ensuring that they will always be a closely-knit family.

KC Concepcion

Last year, KC Concepcion experienced immense joy witnessing her parents share the stage. The successful “Dear Hearts” concert, featuring Sharon and Gabby, brought happiness to ShaGab fans who were thrilled to see their favorite idols performing together. This delightful reunion brought a sense of fulfillment to KC as well.

Just recently, KC playfully commented on her mother’s Instagram post. Sharon shared that her ultimate preference has always been the blissful act of sleeping, emphasizing the joy of having pleasant dreams.

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In response, KC Concepcion jokingly urged her mom to wake up with a playful comment saying, “Mom, WAKE UP.” Sharon’s Instagram post revolved around her musings on the pleasures of sleep and the bittersweet feeling of not wanting to wake up from a particularly delightful dream.

“I don’t think it’s weird to say my favorite thing has always been sleep. Sweet, glorious sleep that lets you escape. Sometimes, it even lets you dream veeeery nice dreams and you wake up happy but also wishing you didn’t have to wake up!”

Photo Source: @reallysharoncuneta IG

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