Aga Muhlach Reaction When Andres Said He Wants To Be An Actor

Aga Muhlach shared his thoughts on his son’s decision to enter showbiz

Seasoned actor Aga Muhlach had this reaction when his son Andres Muhlach said that he wanted to be an actor.

Aga started his career in the entertainment industry at a young age. He was one of the 90s matinee idols and eventually evolved into a serious actor. Throughout his career, he has done different roles and proven his versatility.

Last year, his daughter Atasha Muhlach officially signed a contract with Viva Artists Agency (VAA). Aga said in a previous interview that Atasha had already shown interest in showbiz back when she was young.

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However, it is a rule that Aga Muhlach implemented with his wife Charlene Gonzalez to their twins that they should finish their studies and whatever career they choose, they will get their parents’ support.

Right after graduating from college, Atasha officially entered the entertainment industry. After almost a year of doing showbiz stints, Atasha’s twin brother also showed interest in being in the same industry.

Previously, it was announced that the Muhlach family is set to do a sitcom on TV5. This will mark the launching of Andres Muhlach’s acting career.

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📷: The Philippine Star

Based on the article in The Philippine Star, Aga was quite surprised when Andres told him that he wanted to enter showbiz as well.

The seasoned actor shared that when it comes to Atasha, they already knew that she wanted to be in the entertainment scene since she was young. On the other hand, Andres was the silent type, especially when they were doing commercials together in the past.

He would always just be, you know, the quiet guy until at some point, he goes, ‘Dad, I just wanna work already parang I’m getting old…’ He was only 21 when he mentioned that, and I was like, ‘I understand because I was 21 once, and I started working when I was 14 years old, so tama sa lalaki 21, 22 (working), so what do you wanna do?’ ‘I wanna act.’ (I was like) really?” Aga shared.

He added that he and his son have never talked about this. When his kids decided to be in showbiz, he said that it was their call. Charlene expressed how proud she is of her twins.

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