Top Bitcoin Alternatives 2024: A Comparative Analysis and Forecast

Bitcoin was not only the first cryptocurrency on the market but is also the strongest coin to date. And that despite numerous competition. We took a look at the best Bitcoin alternatives and asked ourselves: “What will be the next Bitcoin?”. Result: Some promising competitors are available.

Bitcoin Alternatives 2024: Altcoin, ICO & AI Coins

There will be more Bitcoin alternatives in 2024 than ever before. Be it in the form of altcoins, shitcoins, green coins, AI coins, or ICO coins – the selection on the crypto market apart from Bitcoin is wide:

  • Bitcoin Minetrix: Bitcoin Alternative Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​not just based on the name of the established cryptocurrency. $BTCMTX also creates new opportunities for Bitcoin mining.
  • Sponge V2: A Bitcoin alternative that is becoming increasingly popular in the Philippine crypto industry. A forward-looking investment opportunity with strong development opportunities.
  • Wall Street Memes: $WSM combines the meme coin trend with a humorous look at the financial industry. There is also a huge community, which means the presale was very successful.
  • Launchpad XYZ: New to the crypto world and still lacking orientation? This is exactly where LaunchpadXYZ comes to the rescue. So that no one feels lost in the Web3 world anymore.
  • yPredict: Chart analysis and price predictions are an art in themselves. yPredict wants to make this much easier with its new blockchain tool. The YPRED token is currently in presale.
  • XRP20: Bitcoin alternative with Ripple theme in presale; offers good prospects for returns; Up to 137,000% profit possible when purchasing in presale.
  • BTC20: aspiring successor to BTC; new token on Ethereum Blockchain; additional earnings through staking; Presale started an ICO price of $1 per coin.
  • Thug Life: Hyped meme coin with successful presale and growing community; Web3 technology and airdrop rewards from DEX listing.
  • Bitcoin BSC: Promising new Bitcoin alternative on the Binance Smart Chain with a staking approach and very high security & smart chain contracts
  • DeeLance: Thanks to DeeLance, freelancing will never be the same again, thanks to the transfer to the blockchain. DeeLance has already generated a large proportion of the desired sales in the presale.
  • Ecoterra: Ecoterra is completely redefining environmental protection in the world of cryptocurrencies. Ecoterra has just successfully completed the presale.
  • Ethereum: The coin Ethereum has been available on the crypto market since 2015 and is now considered the only serious competitor to Bitcoin. The proof-of-stake process in particular sets it apart from the mother of cryptocurrencies.
  • IOTA: Crypto transfers without any fees make IOTA an attractive Bitcoin alternative. With a market capitalization of over $450 million, IOTA is one of the 100 largest cryptos worldwide.
  • Litecoin: Like Bitcoin, Litecoin is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The altcoin, founded by a hard fork of Bitcoin, sees itself as the better Bitcoin.
  • Ripple: XRP has long been one of the largest crypto tokens on the market. As the sixth largest token by market capitalization, Ripple is one of the best Bitcoin alternatives.
  • Dash: Like Litecoin, the crypto coin Dash is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. The project aims to revolutionize digital payments in the real world.
  • Monero: Transactions are completely anonymous on Monero. And despite being based on the Bitcoin blockchain, mining Monero is less energy-intensive. Monero is therefore a legitimate Bitcoin alternative.

Bitcoin Alternatives in Comparison

Would you like to get a quick overview of the best Bitcoin alternatives? Take a look at the table below with the Bitcoin alternatives comparison:

RankCoinCrypto ArtMarket capitalizationPotential
1.Bitcoin MinetrixStake to mine$30.5 millionHigh
2.Sponge V2Play 2 Earn$16 millionHigh
3.Wall Street MemesMeme coin$321 millionHigh
4.Launchpad XYZAI Coin$12.5 millionHigh
5.yPredictAI Coin$6.5 millionHigh
6.BTC20BTC successor$6.05 millionHigh
7.thug LifeMeme coin$2 millionHigh
8.XRP20XRP successor$3.8 millionHigh
9.Bitcoin BSCBTC redesign$6.125 millionHigh
10.DeeLanceAI Coin$2.5 millionHigh
11.Ecoterragreen coin$6.7 millionHigh
12.EthereumSmart contract$215.9 billionHigh
13.IOTAIoT Coin$501.9 millionMedium
14.Litecoinpeer-to-peer$6.7 billionMedium
15.RippleOpen source$23.13 billionMedium
16.DashOpen source$503.2 millionHigh
17.MoneroPrivate$2.78 billionMedium

Analysis of Bitcoin Alternatives in Detail

In order to better understand how individual cryptocurrencies work and what differentiates them from Bitcoin, a closer look is necessary. We have reviewed all BTC alternatives and show how they are structured. These include the latest cryptocurrencies such as ICOs, but also various established tokens.

1. Bitcoin Minetrix – Innovative Stake-to-Mine Coin

Bitcoin alternatives have recently been booming. On this list, you will discover some Bitcoin derivatives that were launched within the last three months. Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​the most promising of all.

The special features of Bitcoin Minetrix: 

  • Revolutionary: Private investors can mine without any mining infrastructure or technical know-how.
  • Low barriers to entry: Presale – token price is only $0.011.
  • Passive profits: The possibility of staking tokens opens up opportunities for passive income.
  • Environmentally conscious mining: Cloud mining is more environmentally friendly than traditional mining.

Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​an ETH-based token active on the ERC-20 network. It is currently available in presale for $0.011. The presales soft cap is just over $3 million. In total, there are 4 billion Bitcoin Minetrix tokens. The token will be used primarily in Bitcoin Minetrix’s stake-to-mine economy.

Bitcoin Minetrix Stake-to-Mine is an innovative solution for reliable, cheap, and uncomplicated mining. The tokenized approach allows access to child’s play. At the same time, this approach ensures the project has a long-term perspective. Far more long-term than those of competitors. 

This makes it all the more worthwhile to get into Bitcoin Minetrix as early as possible via the presale.

Presale startedSeptember 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, BNB
In total4,000,000,000 tokens
Presale tokens70%
Hard cap$32 million

Buy Bitcoin Minetrix Now

2. Sponge V2 – Brand New Bitcoin Alternative

The Sponge Token V2 has established itself as a promising Bitcoin alternative and is becoming increasingly popular among Filipino investors. This success is probably also due to the positive response to Sponge V1.

The exclusivity of the launch, where $SPONGEV2 can only be earned by staking $SPONGE, as well as a special buy & stake bonus offers investors additional incentives.

The developers have ambitious goals, including creating an exciting play-to-earn game and expanding to various exchanges. These plans suggest sustainable development and diversity, making the coin a significant competitor to Bitcoin.

Overall, the Sponge V2 purchase presents itself as an attractive alternative to Bitcoin, especially for those who want to diversify their digital assets and invest in a promising, future-proof option. 

The coin already has an impressive track record and shows promising signs of further growth and success. Our Sponge V2 forecasts also show this.

Presale startedDecember 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, bank card
Based onSponge V1
Token Total150 billion
Max investmentNone

Sponge V2: Version 2 of the 100x meme coin with high staking potential

  • Revolutionary stake-to-bridge approach
  • Buy V1 & automatically stake and earn V2
  • Bonuses & rewards in presale


3. Wall Street Memes – The King of Memes

2024 is the year of meme coins so far. This is also the case with the Wall Street Memes project, whose presale was completed with $30 million.

The special features of WSM: 

  • Successful meme coin: WSM has already achieved impressive success.
  • Demanding coin: $WSM recorded high demand during the presale, thanks in part to a strong community.
  • Attractive concept: The classic financial market is to be revolutionized.

The success of the coin is related to its community. The project team behind Wall Street Memes was already extremely successful on Reddit in 2021 with an NFT certificate. This was sold out within just under half an hour.

It is clear that the crypto coin $WSM can now also be a successful project, which is also reflected in the Wall Street Memes forecast .

Presale startedMay 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, BNB
Hard cap$30,577,000
Minimum investment100$WSM
Max investmentNone

4. Launchpad XYZ – Everything You Need for Web3

Making the world of Web3 more accessible is not a new effort. So why should Launchpad XYZ do everything better and be better than Bitcoin? Launchpad XYZ is a brand new project in the industry that is still in the process of funding its beta version.

The special features of Launchpad XYZ:

  • Easy Web3 entry: Launchpad XYZ offers tools for an easier entry into the world of Web3.
  • Versatile ecosystem: Metaverse library, Web3 wallet & newsfeed are part of the project.
  • Successful presale: Over $485,115 has already been raised, and forecasts for LPX tokens are positive.

Interested parties can support the development as part of the presales. Once the project is up and running, it should offer newcomers to the world of Web3 numerous resources to make it easier for them to get started.

Part of the ecosystem is a Metaverse library, its own Web3 wallet, its own news feed, and much more. The approach is promising and the presale is also going well. As of now, it has already grossed over $485,115.

The goal is to break the $1.5 million mark. Forecasts of the LPX token are therefore positive. Should it actually reach a price of $0.50 by 2030, it would outperform BTC’s growth many times over.

Presale startedApril 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, BNB, credit card
Hard cap$12,500,000
Minimum investment100 tokens
Max investmentNone

5. yPredict – The All-in-One AI Ecosystem

AI techniques can also be used for nobler purposes than creating memes. That’s probably what the team behind yPredict thought. yPredict is a promising project that should make every trader and analyst in the crypto industry sit up and take notice.

The special features of yPredict:

  • Innovative: yPredict develops the most advanced AI analysis tool in the crypto industry.
  • Marketplace for forecasts: yPredict offers a marketplace for forecasts & chart trading.
  • Cheap presale: Early investors can purchase the $YPRED Coin at a discount.

This is where the most advanced analysis tool the crypto industry has seen to date is created. An auto-indicator, a marketplace for predictions, a range of free forecasts, and chart trading are intended to give yPredict a decisive advantage over the competition.

$YPRED is the project’s native coin, which will be used as part of the extensive ecosystem. It is currently not listed on exchanges as it is still in presale. Early supporters of the project can purchase the coin at a discount before listing. Currently, the price of 1 YPRED is $0.07.

Presales startedQ1 2023
Purchase methodMATIC, ETH, USDT, credit card
Hard cap6,507,511 USDT
Minimum investment200 tokens
Max investmentNo limit

6. XRP20 – Potential of a Real Bitcoin Alternative

Meanwhile, a representative called XRP20 offers an even cheaper alternative than other crypto tokens already discussed. The token $XRP20 goes on presale for just $0.000092. This price is constant throughout the entire presale. It is also well above the price at which the coin will ultimately be launched on decentralized crypto exchanges.

The special features of XRP20:

  • Easy to get started: $XRP20 is available at a very low price of just $0.000092 in presale.
  • Bitcoin Alternative: Despite technical differences, $XRP20 aims to be a true Bitcoin alternative.
  • Ambitious Goals: Early investors could make significant gains, up to 137,000% or more.

But from an analytical perspective, this is also a real Bitcoin alternative. $XRP20 is the ideological successor to XRP, even if it is technically very different from its predecessor. The aim is nevertheless to continue its development.

Getting close to the market development of XRP is by no means an easy undertaking for XRP20. However, if the developers succeed in achieving their goal, investors can expect exorbitant profits. Investors who were there from the very beginning could make profits of up to 137,000%.

Presale startedAugust 2023
Purchase methodETH
In total100,000,000,000
Presale tokens40,000,000,000
Hard cap$3,680,000

7. BTC20 – The Better BTC?

“If only I had invested in Bitcoin back then.” Yes, a real FOMO crypto statement. But from now on you don’t have to say that anymore. Instead, you can invest in $BTC20 and watch history repeat itself. At least that’s what the development team behind the new crypto token BTC20 claims. What $BTC20 is and why do the developers believe they have created a new BTC?

The special features of BTC20:

  • Ambitious goals: BTC20 strives to become as successful & influential as BTC.
  • Environmentally friendly: In contrast to Bitcoin mining, BTC20 uses staking on Ethereum.
  • Attractive entry opportunity: $BTC20 is available in Presale at a price of $1.

Ideally, BTC20 is based on the original Bitcoin. The goal is clear. One would like to create a token that will one day be as successful and influential as the mother cryptocurrencies themselves. This should also succeed thanks to some adjustments to the original project.

BTC20 is at home on the Ethereum blockchain in the ERC-20 network – hence the name. The lack of mining, which is replaced by staking on the new chain, makes the token significantly more environmentally friendly. The new project thus eliminates a major point of criticism that has always accompanied BTC. A few hours ago $BTC20 went into presale. As part of the ICO, it will be available at a price of $1.

Presale startedJuly 2023
Purchase methodETH
In total21,000,000
Hard cap$6,050,000
Presale coins3,000,000

8. Thug Life – Inspired by Hip-hop Culture

If you want to be part of an emerging and potentially lucrative community on Web3, you should definitely check out Thug Life. This is a new cryptocurrency that is currently being offered in presale at a discounted price. With humor and brotherhood, this token aims to create an inclusive community where no one is excluded.

The special features of Thug Life:

  • Inclusive community: Nobody is excluded, humor and brotherhood create a strong community.
  • Opportunity: The founders have already been involved in the success of other tokens, which increases the chances of success.
  • Growth potential: market cap of around $2 million & liquidity pool locked for 3 months.

Since the founders of the new meme coin are also behind other successful tokens, the chances of the project being successful are quite high. The market capitalization will be around $2 million, which means there is plenty of growth potential compared to other new cryptocurrencies. Additionally, additional trust is created because the liquidity pool is locked for three months.

At the center of the $THUG token is the community. With 70% of the total tokens offered in presale and another 15% for community rewards, the project shows strong commitment. Overall, Thug Life offers everything needed for a successful meme coin.

Presale EndedJuly 2023
Purchase methodETH
In total4,200,000,000
Hard cap$2,058,000
Presale coins2,940,000,000

9. Bitcoin BSC – BNB Smart Chain with MetaMask

The new cryptocurrency is based on the concept of Bitcoin but offers far more functions and many advantages.

The special features of BTCBSC:

  • Bitcoin for under €1:  Thanks to the presale, you could buy BTC for just $0.99
  • Everything is the community:  100% of the tokens were issued to supporters in the pre-sale
  • Staking for passive returns: Thanks to the BEP20 approach, you can generate passive income through staking

It’s not just the presale price of 99 cents that is comparable to Bitcoin’s level in 2011. The hard cap, with a total of 6.125 million tokens, was also based on Bitcoin’s status from 2011. The coin therefore offers immense growth potential. Bitcoin derivatives have repeatedly attracted attention due to their great growth.

However, with Bitcoin BSC there is not only the opportunity to benefit from a potential price increase. At the same time, the integrated staking function can be used to passively earn additional tokens. This makes purchasing BTCBSC a great option for any investor who missed out on an early entry into Bitcoin.

Presale startedSeptember 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, BNB
ChainBinance Smart Chain (BSC)
In total21,000,000 tokens
Presale tokens100%
Hard cap6,125,000 tokens

10. DeeLance – A Decentralized Freelance Platform

DeeLance gives freelancers new tools in a decentralized context with which they can enjoy more security in their work. But companies also benefit from DeeLance. DeeLance has set itself the task of making freelancing as a whole more efficient and smoother. How is this supposed to work?

The special features of DeeLance:

  • More security for freelancers: DeeLance offers freelancers tools for more security in their work.
  • Efficiency for companies: Efficient and smooth design of freelancing projects.
  • Innovative ecosystem: NFT marketplace, “revolutionary metaverse” & freelancing platform planned.

DeeLance states in its white paper that it wants to create a comprehensive ecosystem for its users from which they can benefit in a variety of ways. The focus should be on an NFT marketplace that protects the work of freelancers. There will also be a “revolutionary metaverse” and an innovative, new freelancing platform.

Big goals for such a young project. Because DeeLance hasn’t even launched yet. The ICO token just generates revenue for the further development of the project in a presale. It is therefore questionable whether DeeLance will be able to compete with BTC in the future. DLANCE can certainly be an interesting alternative.

Presales started1st quarter 2023
Purchase methodUSDT, ETH, credit card
Hard cap6,800,000 USDT
Minimum investment10 USDT
Max investmentNo limit

11. Ecoterra – Committed to the Environment

If you are looking for innovative and future-proof Bitcoin alternatives, sooner or later you will come across Ecoterra. The inevitable new crypto project is arguably the best BTC alternative if you focus specifically on the sustainability aspect.

While Bitcoin continues to come under fire for its lack of sustainability, Ecoterra provides several answers to sustainability questions.

The special features of Ecoterra:

  • Sustainable Alternative: The best BTC alternative when it comes to sustainability.
  • Revolutionary recycling: Blockchain is revolutionizing the recycling cycle.
  • Token rewards: Token rewards & new deposit machines encourage recycling.
  • Marketplace: Collected recycling materials can be traded here.

Ecoterra is in the process of revolutionizing the recycling cycle thanks to the blockchain, making recycling more attractive and profitable for every player. Consumers should be encouraged to recycle through new deposit machines and token rewards, while companies can polish their image by participating in the project and trading the collected materials on an extensive marketplace.

If environmental protection plays a role in your investments, Ecoterra is undoubtedly your best place to start when comparing Bitcoin alternatives.

Presales endedJuly 2023
Purchase methodETH, USDT, credit card
Hard cap2,000,000 USDT
Minimum investment6,700,000 USDT
Max investmentNo limit

12. Ethereum – The Second Largest Crypto Project

It should come as no surprise to you that Ethereum has been discussed as a Bitcoin alternative for years. The two cryptocurrencies are the most valuable and the second most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Recently there have been increasing calls that Ethereum is better than Bitcoin. What’s wrong with that?

The special features of Ethereum:

  • Better Performance: Historically, it has performed better than Bitcoin in bull markets.
  • Proof-of-Stake process: Makes the cryptocurrency energy efficient & sustainable.
  • Potentially more sustainable: A promising Bitcoin alternative due to the factors mentioned.

First and foremost, there is the performance of the two coins, which is most important to speculators in the market. Historically, Ethereum has performed better in bull markets. However, in a bear market, as is currently the case, Ethereum investors can buy little of it. In this market phase, the coin falls more sharply than BTC.

But ETH is also superior to BTC in other categories and may therefore be more future-proof. Ethereum switched to the much more energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake (PoS) process. This significantly reduces the computing power needed to verify transactions and makes the cryptocurrency less vulnerable in terms of sustainability.

Presales completed2014
Purchase methodAll common cryptocurrencies
Market capitalization$218 billion

13. IOTA – The IOT Project

In contrast to Bitcoin, which is designed as a classic P2P cryptocurrency, IOTA places its own focus on microtransactions. A special feature in this comparison of Bitcoin alternatives is that IOTA is actually not based on the blockchain. Instead, IOTA relies on the so-called Tangle technology.

The special features of IOTA:

  • Distributed ledger technology: Transactions are not recorded on the blockchain.
  • Ambitious mission: Transactions between machines, vehicles, and devices should become faster.
  • Based on Tangle technology: The innovative technology improves scalability & efficiency.

IOTA is a very ambitious project. This should not only enable microtransactions but also carry them out without fees and be significantly more scalable than all cryptocurrencies that are based on the blockchain.

IOTA’s noble mission receives a lot of support in the scene. MIOTA currently has a market capitalization of around $500 million. Predictions for the further development of the coin say that the coin, currently valued at $0.1806, could climb to over $1.5 by 2030.

Presale started2016
Purchase methodall common cryptos
ChainTangle structure
Hard cap€574 million
Minimum investmentno limit
Max investmentno limit

14. Litecoin – The “Silver” of Cryptocurrencies

Litecoin is among the oldest altcoins you can find in the crypto market. The coin was created through a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. In other words, this means that the code of the Bitcoin blockchain has been fundamentally changed to realize Litecoin. The aim was to solve some of BTC’s common problems. Did the LTC succeed?

The special features of Litecoin:

  • Iconic: One of the first altcoins to be created.
  • Fast: LTC enables significantly faster transactions compared to Bitcoin.
  • Lower transaction fees: On average, just 0.3% of Bitcoin’s transaction fees.

While both cryptocurrencies use proof-of-work as a consensus mechanism, Litecoin does many things differently in other categories. For example, LTC enables significantly faster transactions that are confirmed in just a few minutes.

The whole thing also happens with significantly lower transaction fees. On average, these only make up 0.3% of the fees charged by BTC per transaction.

Presales completed2011
Purchase methodAll common cryptocurrencies
Market capitalization$6.7 billion

15. Ripple – For a World Without Economic Borders

Ripple (XRP) is an interesting case among the industry giants. In recent years, the project has on the one hand attracted the attention of many well-known investors, but on the other hand, it also had to contend with a lengthy investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Nevertheless, the future prospects for XRP look good.

The special features of Ripple:

  • Strong investors: Ripple was able to win over well-known investors and large banks.
  • Efficient payment transactions: The aim is to make transactions more efficient, transparent, and secure for companies.
  • Positive future prospects: Experts predict positive developments for XRP in the next few years.

XRP is now one of the veterans in its field. The cryptocurrencies were launched over ten years ago. Since then, she has made it her mission to implement crypto concepts for large companies. The aim, both now and then, is to make their payment transactions more efficient, transparent, and secure. With this concept, Ripple was able to win over Bank of America, Santander Bank, and PNC Bank. Ripple also wants to obtain a license in Ireland.

Experts predict that XRP should continue to develop positively over the next seven years. Under certain circumstances, even over $7.50 per token may be realistic by 2030. This would make Ripple double its previous ATH.

Presales completed2012
Purchase methodAll common cryptocurrencies
Market capitalization$23.13 billion

16. Dash – A Mature Crypto Ecosystem

With Dash, another promising altcoin has secured a place in this Bitcoin alternatives comparison. Dash takes the idea of ​​decentralization very seriously and is pushing concepts such as master nodes and a blockchain government. This results in a very active community that, in addition to master nodes, also houses a large number of miners.

The special features of Dash:

  • Active community: Thanks to decentralization with master nodes & a blockchain government.
  • Bitcoin Blockchain: Similarities with Bitcoin, such as support for the PoW process & mining.
  • Growth Potential: Despite a rocky start, Dash could rise to as much as $670 by 2030.

It is also important to keep in mind that Dash is based on the Bitcoin blockchain. This means that these two coins share more similarities than other representatives on this list. Both projects support the PoW process and the associated mining.

Despite a bumpy start, Dash now supports an extensive ecosystem that allows for a positive forecast about the coin’s further price development. Accordingly, it could rise to as much as $670 by 2030. This could make Dash better than BTC. At least when it comes to growth.

Presales completed2014
Purchase methodAll common cryptocurrencies
Market capitalization$503 million

17. Monero – For Confidential Transactions

Monero promotes itself as an anonymous cryptocurrency. But what does that mean? Isn’t Bitcoin already an anonymous cryptocurrency? Well, not quite. Bitcoin is often associated with anonymity and is undoubtedly more anonymous than payments in the form of fiat currencies, but it is not completely anonymous. BTC users remain trackable via their wallet address.

The special features of Monero:

  • More anonymous than Bitcoin: Stealth addresses anonymize users’ wallet addresses.
  • Popular: Anonymous transactions are extremely popular in the crypto industry.
  • Positive Growth Potential: Monero could be worth almost $1000 in the next few years by 2030.

Monero presents a better picture in terms of anonymity. In order to anonymize users’ wallet addresses, Monero uses so-called stealth addresses. These are unique, randomly assigned addresses that can no longer be assigned to a specific wallet.

Anonymous transactions are very popular in the crypto industry and Monero is therefore in demand. XMR is performing quite well even in the bear market and will continue to rise in the next few years if current forecasts are to be believed. By 2030, XMR could be worth almost $1000. For comparison, today it’s only $140.

Presales completed2014
Purchase methodAll common cryptocurrencies
Market capitalization$2.78 billion

Where can you Trade Bitcoin Alternatives?

You can purchase Bitcoin alternatives in several ways. On the one hand, there are the presale tokens, which are not yet listed on crypto exchanges because they are still in the development phase. You can purchase these via their official website.

If your Bitcoin alternative has already been launched, all doors are open for you to purchase it. The fastest and most uncomplicated are trading platforms such as Binance and Coinbase, which are optimally tailored for use by private investors and allow trading with BTC alternatives at low fees. In our crypto exchange comparison, the following providers performed best.


MEXC is a well-known German crypto exchange that has been around since 1974. It is a good choice for Filipino traders looking for Bitcoin alternatives in 2023, such as Bitcoin ETF Token, Bitcoin Minetrix, or Wall Street Memes. These cutting-edge, cheap cryptocurrencies are just one of more than 17,000 offerings on the site, which boasts a user base of over 313,000 users from various countries.

Thanks to its intuitive design and high functionality, MEXC is a great option for traders of all experience levels. You can understand new cryptos like Bitcoin ETF Token and Bitcoin Minetrix better with the help of educational material.

Customer funds are held in separate accounts at MEXC as security is our top priority.

#2 Binance

Binance is currently the largest crypto exchange in the world. 13.5 weekly visitors generate a whopping $6.4 billion on this exclusive crypto trading platform. And that every day. This untouched trading volume is spread across more than 350 cryptocurrencies that are currently listed on Binance. This includes all of the BTC alternatives mentioned above, which are no longer in presale.

Binance is a great place for people who want to trade cryptocurrencies intensively, as the selection here is almost endless. Traders are also supported with a variety of useful tools. Binance Convert, the in-house spot trading, and the various trading bots that automate your investments received great praise.

#3 Coinbase

Binance’s pursuer goes by the name Coinbase and is known to every crypto trader. The second largest crypto trading platform has a daily trading volume of almost $800 million. In addition to Binance, Coinbase is also considered extremely trustworthy.

On Coinbase, users can access over 150 different cryptocurrencies. Popular Bitcoin alternatives such as Ethereum and Litecoin as well as other alternatives are also available here. While the platform shines with many advantages such as various rewards, the complicated fee system also repeatedly causes criticism.

How do you Recognize Bitcoin Alternatives?

Where can you find information about the various Bitcoin alternatives? And what should your BTC alternative actually be able to do? Personal preferences greatly influence the direction of your search for the best Bitcoin alternatives.

Do you value the environment, anonymity, or fast transactions more? How well should your best BTC alternative perform? A look at the white paper of a coin or token as well as another look at the community and historical performance can be groundbreaking.

White Paper

The white paper of a coin or token briefly describes what the crypto project behind the currency is about and gives core data about the currency itself. If you are looking for new, interesting coins that could be better than Bitcoin, the white paper should always be your first point of contact. There are different types of white papers, but the purpose is always the same: inform investors about the project.

If you are working on a white paper, you should ask yourself what problem the project at hand is intended to solve and how this solution is achieved. You should also consider to what extent your personal preferences are taken into account in the white paper.


The community is always a driving force when it comes to cryptocurrencies. And for a number of reasons. For projects that are largely controlled and further developed by their users, such as those represented in this list, an active and committed community is the be-all and end-all.

But even if the community is not exactly responsible for the survival of a cryptocurrency, it is still an important indicator when you ask the question “What will be the next Bitcoin?” want to answer. It is both a mood maker and a barometer and can have a significant influence on future price developments.

Price & Market Changes

Part of your search for promising BTC alternatives must inevitably include chart analysis. But be careful: the historical performance of a token is not an indicator of future price developments. Nevertheless, you can get important information from the price and market changes of a coin or token.

For example, focus on identifying how a particular coin behaves in a bull market and how that behavior changes in a bear market. Compare the coin with Bitcoin. Can it keep up with the growth of the industry leader? Can he possibly even surpass it? In the long term, you should also familiarize yourself with technical chart analysis to be able to make accurate forecasts for coins.

Which Bitcoin Alternative Has the Best Forecast?

CoinCurrent status
Bitcoin MinetrixPresale started September 2023
Bitcoin ETF tokensPresale just started
Sponge V2Presale just started
thug LifePresale successful, community growing
yPredictPresale, $7 million raised
Copium800% increase within a few hours
Launchpad XYZPresale, good run through the launch phase
EthereumSwitching to green chain technology, worth over $1,700
Love Hate InuPresale successfully completed
Ecoterragreen coin with a growing community
DeeLanceProject creates high added value, good growth
Bitcoincurrently worth more than $20,000

Forecasts attempt to make some kind of prediction for the price development of various cryptocurrencies. Looking at the tokens described in the comparison of Bitcoin alternatives, several coins with exciting forecasts stand out. Bitcoin continues to be a game-changing force in the industry. If BTC rises, other tokens usually rise too. The BTC alternatives with the best forecasts are Ethereum due to its stronger performance in bull markets as well as Monero and Dash as well as IOTA, which can outperform BTC with very good price development. But you shouldn’t lose sight of the other pursuers either.

What are Green Bitcoin Alternatives?

We have already discussed that your personal preferences have a big impact on defining what can be considered a Bitcoin alternative. Let’s try this out using a case example:

If you, as an investor, attach great importance to sustainability, Bitcoin may not be your first choice. The currency is trying to improve its image. It was recently announced that the majority of mining is based on renewable energies. However, there are numerous sustainable cryptocurrencies that are either less energy-intensive, more focused on environmental protection, or both.

A particularly green Bitcoin alternative is ECOTERRA, which can be used as a utility token in recycling. Coins that use the proof-of-stake process are also rated as sustainable. This is significantly more energy efficient. The largest representative in this category is ETH.

More Bitcoin Alternatives

The most interesting Bitcoin alternatives can currently be found under the so-called presale tokens. Although it is hardly possible to make forecasts for these, they have a much better chance of exponential growth in a bear market than already established coins.

A bet on the youngest representatives of the crypto world can definitely be successful. In addition to the above-mentioned AiDoge, yPredict, LaunchpadXYZ, Ecoterra, and DeeLance, the following presale tokens are worth considering:

  • Love Hate Inu (LHINU) – Love Hate Inu is another Bitcoin alternative that has successfully gone through the presale. The core of the meme coin, which builds on the popularity of the Shiba Inu, is to create better conditions for surveys of all kinds.
  • Spongebob (SPONGE) – The meme coin $SPONGE is reminiscent of the childhood classic Spongebob of the same name. Behind him is a large and equally active community.
  • Metropoly (METRO) – Real-world real estate investing is set to be made more accessible and efficient via blockchain. Metropoly has a lot of potential and could well revolutionize the real estate industry. METRO is still in presale.
  • Swords of Blood (SWDTKN) – The gaming industry is increasingly using blockchain technologies to create an even better gaming experience. Swords of Blood is no exception. The Play-2-Earn title is popular in the community.


Bitcoin alternatives abound, depending on how you look at it. The Bitcoin alternatives comparison provides you with a solid basis for deciding which possible alternatives fit best into your portfolio. Based on this, you can find the best Bitcoin alternative for you in accordance with your own preferences.

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