Bianca Manalo, Win Gatchalian Reunited In Canada After Recent Issue

Bianca Manalo and Win Gatchalian will be spending the New Year together

Actress Bianca Manalo reunited with her partner Senator Win Gatchalian in Vancouver, Canada after the recent issue.

To recall, the relationship between Bianca and Win was questioned by the online community after the actress was linked to her Magandang Dilag co-star Rob Gomez. Bianca’s messages to Rob surfaced online. These were posted on the actor’s social media pages which were deleted later on.

Rob addressed this issue by saying that someone stole his phone and that person pretended to be him and leaked those private messages.

bianca manalo win gatchalian
📷: @biancamanalo IG

Bianca Manalo said in a statement that she and Rob Gomez are friends. She explained that in her messages to him, she was asking him if he could go to her house early in the morning because she was set to go to Japan that day.

Bianca said that Rob would just give his gift before she traveled abroad. Amid this issue, the actress was defended by her partner. Sen. Win expressed his love to the actress and promised that he would always be by her side.

The lawmaker even slammed the “marites” who have been feasting with the issue involving the actress.

Just recently, Sen. Win once again showed that the recent rumors against Bianca did not affect their relationship. He shared a photo with her partner with the caption, “Reunited and it feels so good…”

In the comment section of Sen. Win Gatchalian’s post, Bianca Manalo’s friend Ruffa Gutierrez shared her “kilig” comment. “Naks!! Kasalan na!” Ruffa wrote. Sen. Win’s fellow lawmaker, Sen. Joel Villanueva, shared a happy gif.

Before being in Canada, Bianca was in Japan with her loved ones. She was flexing her trip when the issue with Rob exploded and with this netizens commented that she was unbothered.

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