Rosmar Tan Business: Social Media Personality Reacts To NBI Issue

Rosmar Tan Business – The businesswoman and social media personality reacted to netizens who called out to BIR to investigate her business after she revealed that she is earning P13 million a day.

Rosmar Tan Reacts To BIR Issue After Revealing P13M/Day Profit

Rosmar Tan answered the negative reactions to her revelation about her earnings

Businesswoman and social media personality Rosmar Tan reacted to the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) issue that came after she revealed that she is earning an average of P13 million a day from her businesses and online stints.

Rosmar is one of the most followed female social media personalities in the Philippines. She is known for making her businesses grow establishing her as one of the girl bosses in the industry.

The businesswoman is also known as a vlogger and her YouTube channel currently has over 900 thousand subscribers. She also has millions of followers on Facebook and over 600 thousand followers on Instagram.

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📷: Rosmar’s FB Page

Her success in business was the main topic of her recent guesting on Toni Talks, the YouTube talk show of Ultimate Multimedia Star Toni Gonzaga.

Rosmar Tan shared how she started her business, eventually earning from P200,000 to P13 million a day. This revelation that she made about her profit garnered different reactions from netizens.

There were those who expressed admiration for her while some questioned if she was paying the right taxes for everything that she was earning. Netizens called out to BIR to investigate this.

She said that people stop spreading fake news. Rosmar stressed that BIR is not a scary entity because it even helps people regarding the proper way of paying taxes.

“Wag mag pakalat ng fake news. Di naman nakakatakot ang BIR kasi maayos na ang sistema nila ngayon. gagabayan at tuturuan ka pa nila sa tamang pagbabayad ng buwis,” she wrote on her Facebook post on November 29. The social media personality also included the hashtag “Top Withholding Agent”.

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In the comment section, Rosmar Tan added that other people are picking on her for content purposes. “Yung iba na iinspired. pero marami talaga ang?” she added. Her social media followers showered her with support amid the negative reaction that she received.

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