Daria Ramirez Today: Joey de Leon Ex-wife Current Status

Daria Ramirez Today – The ex-wife of Joey de Leon talked about her current financial status and her request to her former partner.

Joey de Leon Ex-wife Daria Ramirez Has Requests

Daria Ramirez has these requests to Joey de Leon

Henyo Master Joey de Leon was one of the topics that veteran actress Daria Ramirez talked about during her guesting on the YouTube channel of talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz.

Joey and Daria had two children, Cheenee and Keempee de Leon. The E.A.T. host has been with his current wife Eileen Macapagal for many years already and they had three children Jocas, Jako, and Jio. However, they officially got married in 2018.

In a recent interview vlog of Ogie, he featured Daria. The veteran actress talked about the difficulty she has been going through these past years.

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One of the questions that Ogie Diaz asked his guest was about her separation from Joey de Leon. Daria Ramirez was asked if the Henyo Master left her any property when they broke up.

The veteran actress said that she got nothing from her ex-husband. She is just thankful that her children helped her, especially during the pandemic. “Ako ang ina, I’m telling you, tinulungan ako ng anak ko, tatlong buwan,” she shared.

Daria also admitted that she is looking for a job right now because she is really struggling when it comes to her finances. “Hindi ako plastik na tao. Iniisip ko kung saan ako makakakuha ng pera. May mga tumutulong pero hindi naman natin puwede sabihing habambuhay kang tutulungan,” she shared.

The veteran actress shared that she had asked Joey before if he could help her get her own condominium unit. She said that she did not ask for help from her kids regarding this matter.

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Don De Leon, baka naman you know. Siguro naman nararamdaman mo, ‘di mo lang pinapansin eh. Kailangan ko ng tulong mo,” she said. The veteran actress added that she will wait for the financial help coming from Joey de Leon.

Aside from this, she is also asking for the veteran comedian to give her a copy of their annulment paper to prove that they are no longer married to each other.

Daria revealed that she was the one who requested Joey that their marriage would be annulled. She said that their relationship was not growing because they were young at that time.

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