Margielyn Didal Failed to Defend Skateboarding Title in Asian Games

Margielyn Didal Title Defense in Asian Games Skateboarding Finals Failed

Filipina skater Margielyn Didal failed to the defend her women’s street title at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

The Olympian skateboarder was unable to defend her title, finishing last in the women’s skateboarding finals. The 24-year-old skateboarder finished eighth on Wednesday after scoring only 23.39 in the first round and 12.83 in the second round.

Additionally, she was unable to successfully execute three out of her five tricks. It appeared that her performance was impacted by a recent surgery on her foot, leading to multiple falls during her runs.

Margielyn Didal Title Failed

This skateboarder had previously suffered a foot injury during a competition in Brazil the year before, which had prevented her from repeating her victorious gold medal performance at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta.

Although she claimed that her injury had healed, she continued to experience discomfort and tightness in her foot, possibly due to the metal plates that had been surgically implanted.

Despite this setback, the skateboarder expressed her determination to focus on a larger goal: securing a place in the next Olympics. Based on the article of Inquirer, she aimed to improve her ranking to secure a spot, emphasizing that her physical well-being played a significant role in achieving this objective.

She acknowledged that the road to recovery was challenging, noting that injuries were a common part of skateboarding. She believed that the persistent discomfort in her foot was likely a result of the metal plates in her foot, which had been installed as part of her treatment.

“It takes a lot of time to recover, so it’s not easy. I just have to deal with this,’’ said Didal in Filipino.

“Injuries often come in skateboarding,” Didal said. “For me, it’s just random pain since the bone has already healed, but I can feel tightness around the foot. It’s probably due to the metal plates that were installed.”

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