Jomari Yllana, Abby Viduya Share Thoughts On Cheating

Jomari Yllana and Abby Viduya talked about the second chance they found with each other

Celebrity couple Jomari Yllana and Abby Viduya shared their thoughts on cheating in a relationship during a recent guesting on Fast Talk.

Jomari and Abby first got together when they were 16 years old. However, they separated and went on different paths. The actor got married to Aiko Melendez and they had a son but eventually, they separated.

Abby, on the other hand, lived for a long time abroad and had her own family. However, that relationship ended as well.

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Back in 2019, they reconnected and that was the start of the second chance that they have. Jomari admitted that he was dating Abby. In a recent episode of King of Talk Boy Abunda’s talk show, the celebrity couple is happy that they were able to reconnect.

Our love is sweeter now because we’re together at this age that we’re mature,” Abby Viduya said. Jomari Yllana added that their love is sweeter now because they are older. Behind the sweetness, the couple admitted that cheating is a dealbreaker for them.

The actress said that she and Jomari have talked already about cheating. She stressed that if they do this, they will just hurt each other and so, there is no point in them doing this.

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When asked if they can give a second chance to someone who cheated, the actor said, “It’s not gonna work. If you cross that line, wala ka nang babalikan na maganda eh,” Jomari said.

Abby added that their views on this matter came from their past experiences. She said that she and Jomari are very open to each other and they know what each other wants. “I know for a fact that if he ever cheated on me, it will kill me,” she quipped.

Then, Jomari Yllana shared that the most important lesson he learned from his past experiences is that to be true to the person you love. “Maging tapat ka sa mahal mo, bigay mo lahat. Bigay mo ang totoo. Gano’n lang lagi,” he said.

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