Sari-sari Store Selling a Bottle of Soft Drinks for P1,000 Each Raided

Sari-sari Store Raided for Allegedly Selling Soft Drinks for P1,000 Due to This

The police authorities raided a sari-sari store for allegedly selling a bottle of soft drinks for P1,000 each because of illegal drugs.

The Southern Police District raided a sari-sari store in Taguig for allegedly peddling illegal substances. For the past two years, the store has served as a front for narcotics trafficking, according to the investigation.

In a buy-bust operation, the authorities arrested three ladies working at the sari-sari store and recovered suspected shabu. According to the police report, the accused are Hairia Duta Musa, Amzari Usop Sali, and the store’s owner, Saida Usop Sali.

Sari-sari Store Raided

During the raid, a suspected shabu worth P680,000 was seized. The customer of the store allegedly pays P1,000 for a bottle of soft drink, according to Southern Police District Police Brig. Gen. Kirby John Kraft.

“Magtataka ka, magaabot yung parokyano ng P1,000 pero ang binili lang niya isang bote ng softdrinks,” yun pala may kasama nang iligal na droga sa ilalim,” Kraft said.

The SPD is investigating the suspects’ source of illegal narcotics and whether additional groups are utilizing the same technique of distribution. This is risky since they are utilizing a legitimate store to sell illegal substances, according to Kraft.

The police have taken control of the arrested sellers. According to the article, efforts are still being made to acquire the side of those arrested who have already been charged with violating the Dangerous Drugs Act.

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