Threads App: How To ‘Delete’ Threads W/o Erasing Your Instagram

How To ‘Delete’ Meta’s New Threads App W/o Erasing Your IG

THREADS APP – Find out how to ‘delete’ Meta’s new Threads app—a competitor to Twitter— without erasing your Instagram.

Have you downloaded the newest social media app by Mark Zuckerberg? Then, as you may have discovered, you are unable to erase it without also deleting your Instagram app. The business owned by Zuckerberg, Meta, claims to be “looking into” a secure method for users to delete their Threads.

There is a “secret” technique to get rid of your Twitter clone while maintaining your Instagram, though. Due to the fact that Threads appeared to be a Twitter clone, some people were unimpressed. If you’re one of these dissatisfied people, you’ll be happy to learn that there is a way to delete your Threads account.


Surprisingly, you may do it right away without any additional apps or charges. The method for “technically” deleting your Threads account without also deleting your Instagram profile will be covered in this article.

How to remove Threads from Instagram while keeping it active

Lifehacker shared an interesting method of “removing” Zuckerberg’s new social networking app without harming your Instagram. The ‘secret’ fix is to remove your stuff, make your profile private, and deactivate it.

Since no one else would be able to see you on the platform, these technically count as removing your Threads app. The first step entails closing the three-dot menu and deleting everything you posted.

Remove private information from your bio, then delete your followers to break the connection. Then, do the following actions to convert your public profile to a private one:

  1. The profile’s Menu button should be tapped.
  2. Go to the Privacy tab next.
  3. Choose Private Profile from the menu.
  4. Then press the OK button.

For complete anonymity on Threads, you might also remove your profile. Although your information would still be on Meta servers and be available for indexing, no one would be able to find you there.

The best thing is that if you decide to switch to Zuckerberg’s social program, you can always regain your account. Here’s how to terminate your Threads account, according to Lifehacker:

  1. The profile’s Menu button should be tapped.
  2. Next, select Account and Deactivate Profile from the menu.
  3. Tap the Deactivate Threads profile to finish.

How to delete Instagram and Threads


You can erase Threads from your Instagram account if you no longer wish to use Zuckerberg’s alternative to Twitter. Observe these guidelines:

  1. Your Instagram app’s settings should be opened.
  2. Open the Account Center next.
  3. Select Personal Details.
  4. After that, select Account Ownership and Control.
  5. Select Deactivation or Deletion by tapping it.
  6. To delete an account, choose it.
  7. Select Delete Account from the menu.
  8. To confirm the deletion, tap Continue at the end.

Keep in mind that after you delete Threads and Instagram, you cannot get your data back. Your posts, media, and other content uploaded on these platforms cannot be recovered.


Technically, it is possible to delete Threads without also deleting your Instagram account. To make sure no one sees you on the platform, you can delete your content and deactivate your account.

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