Pia Wurtzbach Has This Advice For Girls Who Are Going Through Breakups

Pia Wurtzbach has this “queenly” statement about breakups

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has this advice for girls who are going through breakups.

Pia is admired for her life’s perspective and just her beauty and her achievements. In a recent Q and A session that she did on Instagram, once again, she shared with her followers some words to ponder.

Based on the article in Bandera, one of the interesting thoughts that she shared was about going through a breakup.

pia wurtzbach
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Pia Wurtzbach said that she knows breakups are never easy but this is all about perspective. “Instead of thinking of a breakup as a ‘loss’ I used to see it as an opportunity to start again. Another chance. Clean slate kumbaga,” the third Pinay Miss Universe said.

She said that she learned from the relationship and she used all her free time to work on herself. “Notice how you have so much time on your hands now – use that,” Pia added.

The celebrity also said that it is also good to find a new hobby while moving on from the breakup. She added that having a new healthy lifestyle and taking care of oneself is also a big help.

“It’s an opportunity to restart your life as a new better version of yourself,” Pia said. On the other hand, Pia stressed that it is okay to feel bad and cry and be angry. However, she said that girls should use this energy to fuel themselves. “Think of all the things you could be!” she said.

Pia Wurtzbach revealed that being heartbroken pushed her to start her pageant journey. and she did a great job while moving on.

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