“Real-life Kagura!” Mother Pushes Away Holduppers Using Umbrella

Mother Evades Holdup Attempt After She Pushes Away Holduppers Using Umbrella

A mother earns praise after she evades holdup attempt with her son she pushed away holduppers using only her umbrella.

A brave mother from Tondo, Manila, was admired by netizens for not giving up and fighting criminals. The footage of the mother fighting back against the tandem rider quickly went popular on social media.

The video shows a mother and her son walking near Gagalangin. The event occurred at 11 p.m., according to the report. They were strolling when they were approached by holdups on motorcycles.

Mother Holduppers Umbrella

After the motorbike riders declared a holdup, the mother and son fled in opposite ways. The rider pursued the mother, but she hurled the open umbrella she was holding in her face at the suspect.

Following that, the suspect did not pursue the lady who had gone in the direction of her son, and they fled. According to the victim, the suspects threatened to shoot her, but she did not trust them because she did not see anything they were holding.

The video of mother’s heroic and astute action against the criminals was applauded and praised by the online community. She was even dubbed “real-life Kagura,” a character from the popular MOBA game Mobile Legends.

Kagura is a female magical heroine that utilizes an umbrella to unleash her magical powers on her enemies. Here is the reaction of netizens who are awestruck by the lady’s thinking.

“Real-life Kagura! HAHAHA.”

“Siguro nung bata pa to si nanay magaling to magpatintero nataranta yung holdaper hahaha.”

 “Mabuti si ate d nasiraan ng loob. Lumaban.”

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