Ellen Adarna Suffers Depression After She Stops Using “Vape”

Ellen Adarna Admits She Suffers Depression After She Stops Using “Vape”

Actress Ellen Adarna admitted that she allegedly suffered from depression after she stopped using e-cigarette called “vape”.

Ellen Adarna recently shared a tale about her sadness on Instagram. In a recent Instagram Stories post, she acknowledged to feeling depressed and revealed what’s causing it.

Ellen Adarna Vape Depression

This was the actress’ response to a follower’s question on whether she still has days when she feels depressed.  Ellen said that she became depressed on bad days.

“Do you still get depressed days?” her follower asked.  “Low days, I do, but depressed, now, I feel depressed now,” Ellen answered the follower.

She then offered her theory about what is causing her depression. According to her, the e-cigarette, commonly known as “vape,” is the source of her low mood and depression.

“Because for one reason and I know, because of the vape, I feel low,” the actress further said.

She then stated that, in addition to feeling miserable psychologically and emotionally, it is beginning to materialize physically, pointing to what appeared to be a little bulge within her lower eyelid. Ellen also admitted that she very recently quit smoking.

“It’s because of the vape and wala pang 24 hours,” Ellen said,

Nonetheless, the actress stated that she would get through it and is giving herself a day or two to recover. She then admitted that she is solely to fault for what is happening to her.

“But I’ll get through this. I’ll get used to it. I’m giving myself two days to feel off after two days I’ll snap out of it, I’ll snap myself out by then,” Ellen said. “So there, f**king vape. My poor choices in life. I got only myself to blame,” she added.

Ellen took to Instagram to answer fans’ questions. During her social media Q&A session, she responded to and explained a query made by a netizen.

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