Gigi De Lana Goes Live Selling While She Has No Gigs Yet

Gigi De Lana Sells Pre-Loved Items in Live Selling While She Has No Gigs Yet

Filipina singer Gigi De Lana goes live selling and sells her pre-loved items while she and her band has no gigs yet.

Gigi De Lana has been selling her pre-owned clothing live, despite the fact that she claims she has nothing to do because she has no concerts yet. Her doctor prevented her from speaking while he was healing from throat nodules.

Gigi Lana Live Selling

Because it was forbidden to talk, Gigi simply typed what she wanted to say while conducting live selling. Many people were impressed by her ability to remain joyful and strategic in the face of adversity.

Gigi has also stated that she works and scrubs for her mother, who is battling cancer. Meanwhile, Gigi stated that she will not let her band, The Gigi Vibes, disband.

De Lana became well-known after performing “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita” with The Gigi Vibes. She is adamant that she will not leave his band. “Hindi po talaga ako papayag. Kaya as much as we can, kailangang magkakasama kami lalo na sa tugtog,” said De Lana, who shared the support of the bandmates not only in the race but also in what he was going through personally.

Gigi De Lana, born Gidget Dela Llana, is an actress, singer, and commercial model. He rose to prominence after appearing on It’s Showtime with Tawag ng Tanghalan. He was the defending champion and advanced to the semi-finals. The live gig stream of their band, Gigi Vibes, is frequently watched.

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